PEP LIST: Reel love teams we wish were real

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Among the love teams we wish were real are the onscreen tandems of John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo; Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo (top frame L-R); Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon; Gloria Romero and Luis Gonzales; and Eddie Gutierrez and Susan Roces(bottom frame, L-R).

What makes a love team?

Pair a winsome boy with a beautiful girl, fit them in a plot where they serendipitously cross paths one day and not get along just yet. When they eventually do, build up that brewing romance via a montage of saccharine-filled scenes of cuddling, holding hands, and an accidental moment where the girl will fall from some ladder and the boy heroically catches her by her waist. Boom! Boy and girl are in love. Throw in conflict somewhere there because the story cannot end just yet. They separate for a time, long for each other until they realize that life is a tragedy without the other. Romeo finds a way to get Juliet back and he does because love always, always prevails. The end.

Unfortunately, not all love teams work out even when one builds a feel-good romantic tale (with a proper theme song) around it. Like any other real-life couple, an onscreen pairing works because of chemistry— that inexplicable dual/complementary charm that an audience recognizes and falls in love with. Chemistry or “magic,” if you will, makes the strongest of love teams, rare.

So strong does a love team’s appeal become that fans, who form a collective and label themselves with half their idols’s names put together, hope the pair go on to become real-life sweethearts. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) comes up with a list of 12 iconic love teams whose onscreen chemistry may have won an audience but did not, for the pair, win them each other’s affection.

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