Jake Cuenca plans to play in the UFL second-division this year, "Cause I know, if I delay this even further, it will be harder for me."

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Jake Cuenca shows off his abs in the March 2013 issue of Men's Health. On joining the local United Footbal League this year, he says: "Yeah, I’m planning to ano... talagang set aside time for football. ‘Cause I know, if I delay this even further, it will be harder for me, e. Health reasons and physically, parang I think I’m in my peak. So it’s the best time to do it now. That’s what my dad told me rin. Parang,

Jake Cuenca showed his well-toned abs for the cover of the March 2013 issue of Men’s Health Philippines.

PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked Jake how he prepared for the shoot. He relates, “Well, I went on my usual diet: I cut-off meat and of course, carbs.

“I cut it off for about two... parang, like a month. I had like a month to prepare for it so the moment they told me they were gonna feature me on the cover, I cut the meat from there then just met the core work-out like TRX and core kinesis.”

Jake had already been featured on May 2008 and June 2010 covers of Men’s Health. How does it feel to pose for his third cover?

He says, “I’m really proud of the fact that I got to be on the cover three times. And hopefully, they still feature me in the future, you know.

“And it’s always a treat kasi the staff of Men’s Health, they’re really friendly and they’re like friends. It’s always a fun shoot. And I was excited to do it. I was really excited.”

JAKE’S ABS. Despite his busy schedule as an actor, Jake tries to work-out every day. He explains, “Cause it’s kinda like a routine for me already.

“And it helps me, some people get tired when they go to the gym but for me, it really energizes me and it wakes me up.

“So, I try to go everyday. If I can go before taping or in between tapings, I would really work-out regularly. And yeah, it’s either I do TRX or core kinesis.


“It’s more like body weight stuff. I haven’t been doing the bench press like a year and a half already.”

Asked as to what particular body part he focuses on when working out, Jake reveals, “My abs. It has to be the abs for me.

“Plus, with the workout that I do, like with TRX and core kinesis, it entails, it really entails an ab work-out.

“In every movement that you do, you really have to engage your core. More or less, you’re exercising your abs the whole time.

“So, that’s why I got into the two workouts ‘cause it suits me and it suits my needs.”

Why does he choose to focus on his abs? Jake says, “I’m not really into the whole big, big physique. I just like being lean.

“I kind of peg myself with the people that I’ve seen like David Beckham, like Brad Pitt.

“Obviously they have abs. They’re not that huge, but you know, they have to have the abs.

“So, I took it upon myself to always work on that. It was never my goal, really, to be big and to be bulky.

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with being that. Actually, if they offer me a role and I had to be big, I would do that.

“But I just like how the clothes fit comfortably and look relaxed when you’re just lean. I like how the clothes look better.”

SOCCER. Most people are not aware of the fact that Jake plays soccer. He affirms, “I play football a lot. I play soccer a lot.


“It’s something that I really wanna take seriously also. So, I might be playing in the UFL [United Football League] soon.

“But just the second division, cause the schedule of the first division’s a bit too busy for me. So, I’m gonna try it out in the second division.

“And I’ll see where it goes from there. I’d love to have that title in me like, actor/football player, at least once in my life.”

How did he get into soccer? Jake recounts, “Well, I’ve been playing since I was five. It is a thing between me and my dad. Everyone in my family knows how to play football.

“I remember my brother even went to Italy for a while to play football, youth football. Then I was invited to go to the Gothia Cup several times when I was younger.

“But I never got to do it ’cause I wasn’t the smartest kid in that classroom, or I wasn’t the most obedient one,” Jake explains.

He added, “Actually, some of the Azkals [Philippine Azkals] are my teammates. Sina Aly Borromeo, sina Anton Del Rosario.

“We would go against each other in tournaments. Then we were teammates in MMS, Makati Football School. So, I even went to school for football also.”

What does he love most about the game? “I love the teamwork. That’s why, nothing against free running and triathlon and stuff, but I enjoy the ano, e... the team effort.


“I enjoy it when you make friends at the same time. And again, I was saying in my interview here for Men’s Health that the thing with teamwork, that’s one thing you learn, e, with team sports.

“It’s something you can apply also in life. I mean, you don’t have to be…with teamwork you learn how to be generous.

“You learn how to be, you learn how to make people involved with everything else that you’re doing. And I was able to do that.

“With my acting, I always collaborate with my co-actors, with my directors. It’s somewhat like a team effort for me when I do my soaps and movies also.

“So that’s something I’m able to apply on a day-to-day basis.”

Jake plays either the striker or the right wing position. So local football fans can expect to see him on the pitch this year?

He asserts, “Yeah, I’m planning to ano... talagang set aside time for football. ‘Cause I know, if I delay this even further, it will be harder for me, e.

“Health reasons and physically, parang I think I’m in my peak. So it’s the best time to do it now. That’s what my dad told me rin.

“Parang, if you let time pass you by, you’ll always just keep delaying it ‘til hindi mo na nagawa. So this year, I wanna do it talaga.”

Any other sports he wants to get into? Jake answers, “I’ve been thinking about playing golf.


“Cause it’s something that my grandparents love to play and they’re members, marami silang memberships sa mga clubs so sayang naman. So I’m thinking of that.

“And also, drifting... drifting with cars. My friends do it, like sila Ian King. A lot of them are into it, and have the cars to do that. So parang might as well get into it.

“But really, my passion really is for football, when it comes to sports. Parang, I can’t imagine myself having the same passion and the same enthusiasm doing something else.”





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