Celebrities welcome summer in Palawan

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Before entering the Underground River, celebrities posed in front of its signage. Among the celebrities who went to see one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature were (from left, front row) Jon Hall and girlfriend Marie Pearson, Luis Alandy, Bubbles Paraiso, Laureen Uy, Nicole Anderson and her blogger friends, and Jommy Teotico. Behind them were Ervic Vijandre, Carla Humphries, Gerard Acao, and Jose Sarasola.

It was scorching hot and the ride was a little bumpy but celebrities still felt very excited as they arrived at Sabang Beach, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan last Thursday, February 28.

This small village in the middle of Palawan Island was the home of invited celebrities, media, and other guests during the three-day summer sports event called Nivea Summer Blast 2013.

Upon arrival, everybody received a warm welcome from the staff of Nivea, event organizer Forthinker, Inc., and Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa.

Shortly after lunch was served, we were taken on a tour to one of New 7 Wonders of Nature, the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park.

Everyone was amazed, especially the first timers, to see the rock formations inside the underground river, which has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We had ample time to refresh and get ready for the welcome party prepared by Nivea when we returned to the hotel.

In the evening, a short program officially opened sports activities that would take place the following day.

A folk group called Pangkat Kalinangan gave entertainment by showing a dance of the Tagbanua Tribe of Palawan.

The night ended with sky lantern-lighting on the beach.

FUN-FILLED ACTIVITIES. The next day, participants of the celebrity sports events woke up with fully recharged energy for the series of beach games.

The celebrities were divided into four teams—Blue, Green, Orange, and Yellow. Respectively, they were led by actors Jon Hall and Luis Alandy, Nivea’s global brand manager Alex Schweiger, and fashion blogger Laureen Uy.


There were six games prepared and the team with the most number of points earned from each game would be declared by the overall champion.

The first game was called the “Hula-hoop Pass,” where 10 members of the teams would form a circle and pass the hula-hoop while holding hands.

Next was the “Scrambled Puzzle,” where nine members would be holding puzzle pieces while blindfolded. The team navigator would try to solve a puzzle image on the floor using the puzzle pieces from his/her teammates.

For the third game, members with big hands were selected to compete in the contest called “Fill the Bottle.” Ten members had to get sea water using their cupped palms to fill a one-gallon bottle.

The fourth game became more serious as the catcher for the “Heads Up” focused on catching the water balloons from their teammates. The team with the most number of water balloons caught out 100 would win the game.

Since everyone was feeling the heat of the sun after the last game, the organizers brought small blocks of ice for the following game called “Chilling Tower.” Ten members of each team would try to form the word “NIVEA” using these blocks of ice and salt.

Lastly, before the players would lose their energy, was the “Mine Field,” which was also had 10 players. Nine of them would be blindfolded while the 10th person would navigate them towards the other side of the mine field while they avoided stepping on the orange scrubs scattered in the area. At the end of the line, there were frozen T-shirts that each member had to unfold and wear. And then they had to shout “Nivea Summer Blast 2013!” to win the game.


Celebrities regained their lost energy during lunch. This also became a preparation for the selected five members of each team, who would take a long hike up a 150-meter high hill. At its summit, each member would ride the 800-meter Sabang Zipline, which hangs above the pristine water of the Sabang beach and in front of the Sabang mangrove forest.

PARTY ALL NIGHT. After the guests had freshened up and filled their tummies with the sumptuous buffet dinner, the winners of the summer sports activities were announced.

Placing Third spot was the Orange team, which included Kapamilya star Jommy Teotico, TV5’s Victor Silayan, singer-composer Champ Lui Pio, and talent manager Neil de Guia.

Second place was gained by both Yellow Team and Blue Team.

Yellow Team included actors Ynna Asistio, Fred Payawan, Gerard Acao, Jose Sarasola, and Matthew Mendoza; models Sanya Smith and Patricia Centenera, and newbie singer Luigi O’Avola.

Blue Team, on the other hand, had actors Ketchup Eusebio, Manuel Chua, Archie Alemania, and Carla Humphries.

Meanwhile, the Green Team, which was declared champion of the games, had actors Jason Abalos, Paolo Paraiso, Ervic Vijandre, and Nicole Anderson; and models Ornussa Cadness and Bianca Valerio.

The Green Team's championship prize was donated to the Palawan-based Special Olympics group, which supports special children who are interested in sports.

Right after the awarding, the celebrities celebrated the successful summer sports event with a Rockeoke Night party.





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