Derek Ramsay: Being a superhero is "the best time of my career"

IMAGE Mark Atienza

Here's Derek Ramsay at the outreach program of Kidlat in Montalban, Rizal, where he spent time with about 5,000 elementary school children.

On Twitter, he posted:"can't get over this. Tnx kids for making me the happiest guy today."

Before diving right into doing some good deeds last March 13, 2013, Derek Ramsay spent two days, from March 8 to 10, at the Boracay Open International Beach Ultimate Tournament.

"I competed, we came in second, we lost to the second best team in the world, not a bad effort...

"Lots of kids there too. The team that I played for was a bunch of kids from Boracay.

"Not bad to lose to the second best team in the world," he told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) on March 13, during his Kidlat outreach program in Kasiglahan Village Elementary School, Montalban, Rizal, where he was greeted by some 5,000 elementary school kids.

On his Twitter account, Derek posted that it will be the last ultimate Frisbee tournament for him.

PLANS FOR HOLY WEEK. And given the chance, he'd like to travel more.

"So many beautiful places in the world! I'd probably go to Australia because my best friend is from there, and he has come every month this year.

"I think I have to return the favor and go to him naman."

But for the Holy Week, he's going to do a bit of reflecting.

"I'm just gonna be thankful, another blessing was given to me. Ang dami nagsasabi na laos and all that... na my career has gone down.

"Pero, this is the best time of my career.

"No Other Woman, A Secret Affair... all very successful, it put me on the map in the movie industry.

"But having these kids scream out my name or not even my name, Kidlat's name, I'm gonna be thankful for that!"


Interestingly, though Derek started off the very hot day in Montalban, Rizal, by midday, it had started to rain. This prompted Derek to tweet, "everytime I have a special day it rains. Thank you lord for the blessings."

The rain must indeed have been a welcome relief for Derek who donned his Kidlat suit all through the morning.

Does he channel anyone when he wears the Kidlat suit?

He replied, "I've always been an idol of Iron Man, very different from Kidlat. Iron Man is out of this world."

He further underscored the difference between the popular Avenger and the local hero.

Iron Man's alter ego, Tony Stark, "is kinda hard to believe that there is someone like that in the world."

Derek added, "Mas matao si Kidlat. Siguro yung passion ko lang for Iron Man is what I use sa Kidlat. But yung atake, it's very different."

But given the choice, who would he choose between the two?

Gushing, the hunky Filipino-Brit actor grinned, "I really like Kidlat! It's Filipino and I'm proud to be Filipino. I love my character."

He has a wish, too. He said, "I hope that when the show is over, when I build my new house, I'm gonna have this [Kidlat costume] up on a wall or in a corner in my room because I'm very proud of this accomplishment."

But Derek won't be hanging up his Kidlat suit anytime soon as the show's run has been extended to three more weeks.





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