PEP LIST: Women Survivors in Showbiz

IMAGE Noel Orsal includes in its list of "women survivors," actresses Rhian Ramos, Maricar Reyes, Jennylyn Mercado, also Katrina Halili.

Back in the 1999 Ms. Universe pageant, the Philippines’s dusky beauty, Miriam Quiambao, defined the graceful rise after a fall, literally.

It was during the preliminary round of the evening gown competition that the 5’7” Filipina contestant, in high-heels, accidentally stepped on the trail of her gown and fell on the stage.

It was how she stood up, regally regained composure, and finished her walk that became indelible in the minds of the spectators.

In an interview after the incident, the then 24-year-old Miriam told the press that her mishap in front of an international audience represents women “who have fallen both on and off the stage.”

She said that she “hopes to be an example to the rest of the women in the world.”

Miriam’s experience is definitive of how some women celebrities— whose private and public lives are essentially amalgamated into one TV show— have risen above controversies.

Before March, the Women’s Month, passes by, (Philippine Entertainment Portal) picks out 7 women showbiz personalities whose careers hit rock bottom due to a tough time in their relationships.

Though their lives were once tarnished by public humiliation or physical abuse, it is inspiring how these women eventually healed and managed to bounce back in the limelight.

This list, while it recaps some of showbiz’s most controversial stories, celebrates the triumph of these celebrities whose graceful rise after falling defines their strength as real women.

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