Piolo Pascual talks about his "bright choices"

Piolo Pascual tells Ginger Conejero about his BRIGHT CHOICE campaign.


Tell us something about the new Sun Life campaign.

Our latest collaboration aims to encourage people to make the BRIGHT CHOICE on May 13. It’s not about campaigning for a particular candidate, but making sure that Filipinos make well-informed decisions. Because the votes we will cast in the coming elections will affect and shape the future of the incoming generation. I’m actually voting for the first time this year, that’s why this campaign couldn’t have come at a better time.

Because of bright career moves, you’ve been given opportunities to work with a lot of brands, and one of them is Sun Life. What makes this partnership unique?

We want kids to have a brighter future and having Sun Life as a partner gives me the assurance that this is not just a one-time deal. A lot of people would benefit from it, especially the kids from my foundation (Hebreo), who Sun Life helps every year through our SunPIOLOgy partnership. It’s like having a backbone that supports the same interests that I have.

How do you think Sun Life and your advocacy help Filipinos prepare for a brighter future?

Education. By educating people that securing their future has to happen now while they still can. And the sooner, the better.

Name one bright decision that made a great impact on your present life.

It’s being practical and securing my future. I started getting insurance and investments when I was just starting out in the business, during my early 20s. Fifteen years after, I’m really glad I did. Now, I can safely say that the future is really brighter not only for me, but also for my son and my loved ones.





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