Gerald Anderson reveals what he likes in a girl: "Simple and happy to be with..."

IMAGE courtesy of Globe

To know more about Gerald Anderson's latest ad on Go Sakto, dial the self-service menu *143#. The service lets its prepaid customers "choose the type and number of calls, texts, and data, as well as the validity and price of their promo."

Sakto seems to be the most apt description for Gerald Anderson's life right now.

With a string of successful projects— both on the boob tube and the big screen— not to mention his numerous endorsements, the former back-up dancer has indeed come a long way.

His most recent venture is with Globe, which asked him to endorse its latest prepaid offering, the "Go Sakto."

And just for fun, he was asked to share some interesting details about his sakto life:

1. Gerald's idea of a date is "dinner and movie," which he wants to do with a "simple and happy to be with" girl.

2. His favorite chick flick is The Notebook, but his dream role doesn't have to resemble that of Ryan Gosling's character. "Any role that will inspire people," he remarked.

3. When asked to recite a pick-up line, he said, “Si Ms. Kadiliman ka ba? Kasi noong nakilala kita, ikaw na lang ang nakikita ko.”

4. To him a summer vacation means having fun on the beach, where he can be himself in his "board shorts, sando, and shades."'

5. His hobbies include playing "basketball," "Angry Birds and Temple Run."

6. And he enjoys "road trip bonding with friends and family," and listening to "RnB and hip hop."

7. His most expensive luxury is "my Cadillac Escalade," which has a price tag ranging from 3 million to 3.8 million pesos.

8. But when it comes to his merienda, a "pancit canton" would already make him happy.

9. Lastly, even if he's known for being generous, simple greetings on his birthday are enough, he said.

Despite his achievements, Gerald has remained down-to-earth, a trait that has endeared him to fans, producers, and advertisers.

Globe Prepaid Head KD Dizon seconded, "We know Gerald is such a hardworking and driven individual, and because of this, he’s become both an icon and role model to today’s youth.


"Gerald has indeed created what he has become, and we expect him to continue innovating himself in the years to come.”





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