FIT. Victor Aliwalas stays fit, thanks to holistic program

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Victor Aliwalas advises men who think that going through aesthetic procedures is emasculating: “[Remember that] stress is a silent killer and contributes to a lot of illnesses, so instead of thinking na it’s emasculating, treat it as a way of relaxation with slimming benefits.”

Victor Aliwalas may not be often visible on TV lately, but the model turned actor certainly has his hands full.

Apart from being a ramp and commercial model, he also holds several corporate positions— he is the group associate publisher of a local magazine title and a sales manager for an outsourcing company.

So how on earth is he able to stay gorgeous and always ready for TV with such a hectic work schedule?

Simple: he seeks the help of science and technology.

For the past four years, Victor has entrusted his aesthetic maintenance to Doctor Mary Jane “MJ” Torres— owner of the well-known medical spa Zen Institute, and now chief practitioner of Vietura Aesthetic Center.

Vietura— which name stands for life (vie) and nature (natura)— is housed at the lower ground level of the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel, located within the CCP Complex in Manila.

At the center’s press launch held last March, Victor called Dr. Torres his “saving grace” and explained how aesthetic treatments allowed him to compensate for missing out on workout sessions.


“I have a very hectic schedule, especially since I’m not only involved with showbiz, I hold a corporate position as well.

“So, I really don’t have enough time to work out as much as I’d like to.”

In the beginning, Victor relied on medical expertise only for his skin care.

“Of course, with all the makeup that we use— not just on TV, but also these photo shoots and fashion shows that I do as a model before— of course we need makeup.

“And, you know, even if I wash my face everyday and do all these toning, moisturizing stuff, I still get zits.

“So, Doctora has been able to help me with that. I get the regular derm treatments from her.”

When Victor felt the need to extend this medical help to his midsection, which he says is one of the hardest parts of the body to tone, he decided to try non-invasive, non-surgical treatments.


“I knew, I knew that things are not as it used to be.

“Siyempre, when I was younger, you know, testosterone levels running high in college, I was very active, so it was easy to maintain my body.

“But now, with all the things I do, it just got harder.

"E, in modeling pa naman, you know, siyempre, they ask you to take your shirt off, so that’s kind of embarrassing if I’m flabby, di ba?

“So, I got extra help from the treatments.”

Victor’s favorite slimming procedure is mesotherapy because “it takes off that piece of my stomach that I can’t get rid off.”

In Vietura, the mesotherapy treatment is included in a holistic program called Get Back In Shape— a body sculpting and weight management package.

Apart from the services of an in-house personal trainer, who will facilitate kinesis workouts, the program also includes a tailor-made diet plan and a series of body sculpting treatments to help the client achieve his/her desired figure.


With the successes he’s had in doing non-invasive treatments, Victor is indeed very proud of his regimen.

In fact, he encourages other men to try it too.

“You know, some guys might think it’s emasculating to go to the derma or an aesthetic center, but me, I don’t, e.

“The location of Vietura in Sofitel is kind of like an oasis where you can getaway from your lifestyle, the hectic schedule.

“[Remember that] stress is a silent killer and contributes to a lot of illnesses, so instead of thinking na it’s emasculating, treat it as a way of relaxation with slimming benefits.”





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