BEAUTY REVIEW: Stay picture-perfect this summer with gel nails

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Maja Salvador loves to pamper herself with regular manicure and pedicure. Among her favorites is the gel nail polish, which stays chip-free even when you spend hours at the beach.

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In the quest to stay picture-perfect at the beach, girls usually end up sacrificing their nails, leaving it bare and unpolished to avoid the embarassment of getting chipped nail polish after a swim.

That was until the gel manicure was introduced to local salons a year or two ago.

Unlike ordinary nail polish, gel nail lacquers contain a component called UV gel, a type of non-toxic, non-carcinogenic "monomer" resin that quickly hardens under exposure to UV light.

This allows the lacquer to stay on without damage up to three weeks and more.

Like every other girl who wants long-lasting nail color, Ina Kapatid Anak actress Maja Salvador swears by this type of polish because of its durability.

Not only does she find it perfect for the beach, it’s also convenient to wear when traveling, like when she does caravan shows in multiple cities here and abroad.

In an interview held in 2011, during the grand opening of Chic Nails Spa in Katipunan, Quezon City, Maja said that having pretty hands and nails are very important for celebrities like herself.

"Ano kasi, di ba, lalo na sa trabaho namin, hindi lang naman kami laging nakakulong lang sa set o sa studio.

"Minsan nagsho-shows kami, mall shows, caravan, minsan guestings din sa TV... so, iba-iba, ang dami-daming tao iyong nakakasalamuha namin.

"And, siyempre, parang nakakahiya naman kung lalabas ka na hindi ka ayos, di ba? Tapos magpapa-picture sa 'yo, makikipag-kamay, magpapa-autograph minsan, ganyan...

"So ako, lagi talaga iyang manicure at pedicure na pinapagawa ko para hindi naman masabi na, 'Ay, ang ganda nga ng mukha' or 'ang ayos ng damit pero ang pangit naman ng kuko.'"


The gel manicure perfectly fits Maja's on-the-go lifestyle, especially now that she has taken interest in water sports like scuba diving and surfing.

Because of its resin properties and the effect of curing under minimal UV rays, the nail polish holds its shape and shine even when you dip your hands for long under water.

Unless you are willing to buy your own kit and undergo proper training for manicure services, gel nails are only available in salons that offer the service.

The process of applying it takes only about 30 minutes, and the polish dries instantly, saving time.

Its chip-free feature also allows Maja to move around freely without having to worry about her nail polish cracking.

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