Gabby Concepcion believes in defying body aging

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How does actor Gabby Concepcion perceive aging? The actor, who now flaunts a leaner bod and his youthful face in the TV5 adventure-action series Cassandra: Warrior Angel, tells, “I think it’s all in the mind. Kasi puwede kang kumilos ng seventy years old but you can look thirty. Mga iba naman, they act thirty but they’re seventy. So, body lang ang nagbabago but it’s all a state of mind.”

Gabby Concepcion’s winsome face as seen in his 1980’s Close-up TV commercial has not changed much. His boyish charm may have been replaced by a mature look but his appeal remains.

At the recent press launch of his latest project, the TV5 “hero-serye” Cassandra: Warrior Angel, the former matinee idol stepped into the spotlight in a white suit and denims, revealing a leaner bod.

Working on the action-packed Cassandra, where he plays the dual role of the good and bad angel, Uriel and Azrael, has evidently put the actor through calorie-scorching fight scenes and rigorous training.

He tries to watch his weight, he says, admitting that his voracious appetite is just difficult to control.

SKIN CARE. On top of his regimen, Gabby keeps a youthful glow through moisturizing— something that most men would admit reluctantly.

“Of course, kailangan natin 'yan— moisturizer. Importante yun kasi very dry ang mukha natin!”

Gabby said that living in America, where his face usually dried up and cracked because of the cold temperature, forced him to moisturize regularly. It was a need, he says.

“Hindi naman necessary dahil baladoso ka, pero masakit, e.”

STEM-CELL TREATMENT. The 48-year-old Gabby has a positive take on stem-cell therapy— a medical procedure that reverses aging through the introduction of new adult stem cells in one’s body. It is slowly becoming a popular option among celebrities.

The actor, who has not undergone the therapy, says he fears it because it is relatively new. Nonetheless, he tries to think that it’s just like taking meds.


“Alam mo, parang gamot lang 'yan, e. Pero ganun din yun, e. Napapagaling tayo, nagagamot tayo.

“Nakakagamot din, nakaka-extend ng katulad sa knees, mga joints, na-eextend 'yang mga cells para mag-grow, para gumaling ang mga joints.

“Yung balat natin, nag-e-extend. Kaya para mas madali raw intindihin, isipin mo na lang, you’re extending yourself.”

We should keep an open mind about this development in science, says Gabby.

“Intindihin na lang natin. Science 'yan, e.

“Kung hindi nagpo-produce ng tamang number of cells para mabuo yung isang bagay sa katawan natin na kailangan ng tulong, nandudun yung extensions.”

On the other hand, Gabby has misgivings about botox— a drug that is injected to eliminate wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing one’s face.

He says, “Well, kanya-kanya yun. Kung gusto mo nun, pero ang balita ko, hindi raw tumatagal, na uulitin mo.

“So, nasa sarili mo na yun kung gusto mo na yun. May mga plastic surgery pa kung gusto mo magpahaba ng ilong, kilay, lips, pahabain ang tenga.”

GABBY ON AGING. Preserving one’s youth has certainly become the obsession of most seasoned actors.

Gabby, for instance, says he wants to “defy body aging.”

His take on old age?

“It’s all in the mind. Kasi puwede kang kumilos ng seventy years old but you can look thirty.

“Mga iba naman, they act thirty but they’re seventy.

“So, body lang ang nagbabago but it’s all a state of mind— if you want to feel or act young then you will be.”


The actor adds, “Basically, maaaring iba itsura mo but deep inside yun ka pa rin, e.”





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