Celeb moms G Tongi, Maggie Wilson, and more highlight Mother's Day fashion show

IMAGE GA Granali

G Tongi-Walters (left) and Maggie Wilson-Consunji (right) were among the many celebrity moms who played models in a special Mother's Day fashion show presented at Spiral in Sofitel Philippine Plaza. G wore a creation by Pia Gladys Perey, while Maggie donned a dress by Mark Bumgarner as she toted her son Connor.

As a tribute to hardworking moms, a special Master Chefs presentation and a three-part fashion show was prepared by the Sofitel Philippine Plaza hotel on May 12.

The likes of Alice Dixson, Wilma Doesnt, Patty Betita, Maggie Wilson, and Gwen Zamora starred in the elegant presentation of the summer holiday collections of world-class Filipino designers Pia Gladys Perey and Mark Bumgarner.

Celebrity moms and kids paraded in flowing, colorful dresses as guests of the hotel’s in-house buffet restaurant, Spiral, and enjoyed special Mother’s Day dishes.

On top of the restaurant’s usual Sunday brunch—where unlimited foie gras, oysters, champagnes and mojitos are served—Spiral’s Master Chefs paid homage to their own mothers by preparing heirloom dishes.

Executive Chef Eric Costille, a Frenchman who grew up on Italian cuisine at home, presented rabbit cocotte with rosemary and olives and gratinated parmesan polenta—a dish he personally learned from her mother Claudine.

Indian Chef Alim Ali Khan prepared his mom’s egg biryani, while Chinese Chef Chee Wah Mok served slow-cooked chicken with Chinese herbs wrapped in lotus leaf along with his usual Oriental fare.

Japanese Chef Hiroaki Yamaguchi reprised his mom's Nikujaga— a Japanese dish of meat, potatoes and onion stewed in sweetened soy sauce— while Chef de Partie Jojo Babierra, a Filipino prepared his mother’s special goat Caldereta.

French Chef Anne Cecille Degenne also recreated her mother’s version of Paella, and lastly, Spiral’s Master Chocolatier Tweet Obsequio made jasmine pralines as a tribute to her mom, who has included chocolate as part of her beauty regimen for years.


The glamorous fashion show by Pia Gladys Perey and Mark Bumgarner also paid homage and certainly excited the moms in the audience for the exquisite combination of figure-flattering silhouettes and attractive colors that complement a woman’s body.

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