Magalona family revives “Kaleidoscope World” as Father’s Day gift to Francis M.

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Five years after the passing of Francis Magalona, the late rap artist’s widow Pia, and their eight descendants— Maxene, Saab, Elmo, Arkin, Clara, Frank, Nicolo, and Unna (last two not in the photo)— recall OPM’s Master Rapper by reviving one of his classic hits. “Kaleidoscope World” talks about respect for diversity and the uniqueness of every person.

Never did Pia Magalona think it was possible.

The widow of Francis Magalona recalled shooting “Kaleidoscope World,” one of the late rap artist’s best-loved hits, at the Parks and Wild Life in Quezon City and in the streets of Manila.

It was 1995 when Francis and filmmaker Raymond Red put their creative knack together and came up with the music video of what would go on to be one of the Master Rapper’s greatest songs.

Fast-forward to 2013, five years after the OPM scene lost Francis to leukemia, the gift of advanced technology is able to revive “Kaleidoscope World.”

“It’s come a long way,” says Pia, who added that it has always been her dream to see one of her eight kids perform with Francis.

“FM FOREVER MORE." As an advance Father’s Day gift to the late rapper, the Magalona kids composed of Maxene, Saab, Frank, Elmo, Clara, Arkin, Nicolo, and Unna, together with the Oishi brand of snack products, came up with a project to revive “Kaleidoscope World.”

In tune with the yearly event that the Magalonas hold to commemorate the Master Rapper’s contribution to OPM, the family launched the revival of the Francis M classic single last May 23 at an event tagged “FM Forever More” at the 7th High bar at The Fort.

In the new music video, now called “Kaleidoscope World Forever More,” 19-year-old Elmo is featured singing alongside his father.

When the familiar guitar-intro starts playing, a young-looking Francis and Elmo as he is today, appears on screen with Elmo astoundingly made to fit in the video as if he shot the scenes with his father back in 1995.


The video retains the footages of Francis in the streets of Manila and the Parks and Wild Life in Quezon City, as well as the grainy texture and the ‘90s vibe of the original version is preserved.

Swelling with pride Pia reckoned, “People who are now fans of my son are bonded together with those who have been fans of his father way back then.”

The celebrity mother, who presented the video to the audience at the said event with her kids, could not help but feel happy and nostalgic at the same time.

Despite having seen the rough cut once and even several times when the music video was played over and over at the event, Pia knows the revival will “always bring tears and a pinch to her heart.”

BACK STORY. Not many people know that behind the powerful lyrics of “Kaleidoscope World” was the song-writing tandem of Francis and Pia.

“Whenever we would write songs, France and I would always challenge ourselves na parang, ‘Is there any song that is written that doesn’t mention love?’”

It is a fact that most, if not all, OPM classics talk about falling in love or heartbreak.

“Parang any kind of song that you write, it always boils down to love, right?”

This song-writing challenge that Francis and Pia put themselves through brought about Francis M’s most popular hits: “Mga Kababayan Ko” and “Kaleidoscope World.”

The two songs, according to Pia, are the quintessential Tagalog and English versions of the Master Rapper’s love-for-country-themed hits.


She added, “They both say the same things about honoring where you’re from and respect for other people and diversity— that’s why it’s called ‘Kaleidoscope World.’

“Every color nga, you can’t judge people by who they are or what they are but from inside.

“So, it doesn’t matter, male or female, any color whatever it is, kailangan nakikisama [ka].”





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