Top 13 Promising Female Kontrabidas

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While the late Bella Flores, legendary kontrabida actress of Philippine showbiz, will not be replaced, sees potential in 13 young actresses who are steadily proving their talent when it comes to playing villain. This top list features female talents (L-R) Glaiza de Castro, Megan Young, Chynna Ortaleza, Alessandra de Rossi, and more.

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“Walang bida kung walang kontrabida!”

Imagine a teleserye without a villain— an overload of happy scenes, a stagnant plot without a character to mix things up, an unremarkable protagonist whose character or moral fibre wouldn’t really show because the antagonist isn’t around to inflict suffering in the hero or heroine’s life.

That a bida needs its kontrabida is a legacy that the late Filipina actress Bella Flores leaves behind in Philippine cinema.

She immortalized the archetype of the big screen and soap opera kontrabida by embracing each maleficent being she portrayed in over a hundred films, wreaking fictional disaster in what otherwise would be lifeless stories.

Playing the antagonist is serious business.

The art that Bella has turned it into is summarized in a short film that featured and paid tribute to her as the top Filipina kontrabida actress of all time.

In Kontrabida 101, a Benchingko Films production, Bella educates an audience with tips on how to be an effective villain.

A NEW GENERATION OF VILLAINS. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) makes use of these tips as the standard criteria in citing the top 13 young female kontrabida actresses of today.

With such pointers, these beauties are gauged.

Does she yank (sabunot) the hair of the bida the right way?

Does she deliver an effortless mean glare (masamang titig)?

Does she actually make her audience feel the contempt of her character enough to make them abhor her?

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