For Father's Day, Gary Valenciano remembers late dad's simplicity

There will be no grand Father's Day celebration in the Valenciano household on June 16. Gary Valenciano says he wants to remember his dad's simplicity and humility on his first Father's Day without his dad.

This month of June, we pay tribute to our tatay, itay, daddy, paps, papa or whatever we call our dad, as we celebrate Father’s Day.

But for Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano, the occasion would no longer be the same from now on as his dad,Vicente C. Valenciano, passed away at the age of 87 due to cancer last May 28.

In an interview with Gary V during the wake, he talks about his dad and describes him as “a man who has brought a lot of life into my family.”

The multi-awarded performer says, “It’s the simplicity of my dad na sa mga simpleng bagay, satisfied na satisfied na siya.

“That’s what I’m going to remember this coming Father’s Day.”

He further told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that there would be no grand celebration in the Valenciano household this Father’s Day in keeping with their patriarch’s virtue of simplicity.

Gary V admires his late dad for his humility as well.

“Ni minsan [hindi niya] ginamit ang [pangalang] Valenciano para sa kanyang sarili.

“Ni minsan [hindi niya] ginamit yung rason na tatay ako ni Gary Valenciano,” beams Gary.

“He never, never used that.”

In one of Gary's out-of-town shows during his younger days, his dad would stand with the rest of the madding crowd and just take pictures of his son performing on stage.

Indeed, the last couple of weeks had been tough on the Valenciano family, particularly for Gary, who had to deal with his grief while at work.


He flew in from New York on June 5 to attend the last night of his dad’s wake. He was abroad to participate in the 115th Philippine Independence Day Parade in New York last June 2.

This prompted Gary to think about what his father would have said to him if he were around.

“If my dad was alive, he would have wanted me to go.

“He would have said, ‘Go, son!’

“Besides, New York is where my dad and mom met, kaya meaningful sa akin.”

The wake was held at the Heritage Park’s Aeternum Arlington Chapel in Taguig City.

The remains of the elder Valenciano were laid to rest at the Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina City on June 6, 2013.





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