TRENDSPOTTING: Commuting, shopping, and watching movies the cashless way!

e-Plus takes the word "convenience" to a higher level. In 2012, it was launched to push "no more lines" and avoid "no more seats" when watching movies. In 2013, the card can now be used as well when shopping and commuting.

If Hong Kong has the Octopus Card, and Singapore has the EZ-Link card, SM now has its version for Pinoys in e-PLUS (Tap to Pay).

Instead of bringing cash and waiting for your change, every purchase or payment is now a tap and swipe away.

The success of the former e-PLUS, which recorded about 140-million-peso transactions for cinemas, a year since it was launchedβ€” paved the way for this new card that has a wider scope.

How to use. A prepaid kit, which includes vouchers to some freebies, costs 300 pesos. Load starts at 100 pesos up.

If your old e-Plus card is six months old or less, just exchange it for the new card. Those with cards that have been in existence for more than six months will have to renew and pay 300 pesos.

Where to use. UV express shuttles in SM Passenger Terminals, SM Mall Parking Buildings, SM Tickets, Mall of Asia Arena, Science Discovery Center, SM Bowling, SM Ice Skating, Storyland, SM Cinemas, Directors Club cinemas, IMAX Theatres, and Snacktime.


Soon, it will also be accepted in all SM Retail stores and merchants nationwide.

Where to reload. There will be vending machines, where available balance can be checked as well, in SM Malls.

Plus, V-Mobile Dealers can also help facilitate the reloading.

Lastly, a partnership with BDO ATMs and online banking is now in the works.

Its ultimate goal of course is to make it useful in all basic services, including Bayad Centers.

At its launch yesterday, June 10, at the SMX Convention Center of SM Aura Premiere, project head Sahara Jean Garnica added, β€œIt [e-Plus] is envisioned to further branch out to include other applications in public transportation services, tollways access. and remittance.

"Included in the e-PLUS Tap to Pay development roadmap is NFC [near-field communication] technology, which allows the wallet to be in the mobile phone.”





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