KC Concepcion shares thoughts on being independent

IMAGE Noel Orsal

KC Concepcion’s tip for those who would like to try living on their own: “You keep the family ties, at the same time, spread your wings and fly!”

KC Concepcion is one of the showbiz personalities admired by many because of her independence.

KC asserted her independence at the age of 18, in 2007.

That was the time when she went to Paris and took up Corporate Communications with a minor degree in Theater Arts at the American University of Paris.

There, she experienced living in a small apartment while working part-time to sustain her needs as a student.

After she graduated, the Kapamilya actress returned to Manila and started her career in showbiz.

Though her earnings, KC was able to invest in a condominium in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, which was featured in the April 2012 of YES! Magazine.

KC is very proud of herself, showing everybody that she worked hard for what she wants in life.

“It’s a compliment!” KC told Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP.ph) when asked how it felt to be admired for being independent.

“I think it’s a compliment for a modern Filipina.

“I think Filipinos should learn to be independent at a certain age. Kaya nakakatuwa rin.”

INDEPENDENT WOMAN. For KC, being independent is very important especially for modern Filipinas.

Since times have changed, she says being able to stand on your own is a big factor.

“It’s very important,” she remarks.

“Kasi my mom always taught me na never be dependent on a man.

“Like in case anything happens, you should be able to support yourself, you should know how to do things on your own para 'yon din ang maturo mo sa future kids mo, kung gusto mo magkapamilya in the future,” she asserts.


Despite her indepence, KC reiterates that that doesn’t mean that she has forgotten all about her family and other people who helped raise and mold her character during her formative years.

“As much as you can survive on your own, you keep your family ties talaga, 'yon talaga,” she said.

“Kasi Filipina pa rin ako at the end of the day. So you always have to value your family, e.

“Kasi at the end of the day, 'yon ang makakapagbigay sa 'yo ng tunay na comfort, dugo na kasi 'yon, e.

“So you keep the family ties, at the same time, spread your wings and fly!”





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