Rafael Rosell shares eight insights about taking care of your body and protecting nature

Jun 25, 2013
An ideal date for Rafael Rosell entails “skydiving!” It’s a feat he has never experienced; besides, he’s always liked the idea of flying like the Man of Steel.

Rafael Rosell may look like the quiet type at first, but once he warms up, the guy can talk about anything under the sun.

In between statements, he apologizes, “Sorry, haba ng explanation ko,” or, “Sorry, weird ba sinabi ko?”

During his launch as the endorser of Blaise— the skincare range of Nisce for men— last week, our topics ranged from his Pescetarian diet to one's ''third eye" to the sexiest parts of his body to crushes to his soap Maghihintay Pa Rin to hobbies to global warming… in a span of about 40 minutes!

PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked, “How come you know a lot? How much time do you spend on books?”

The Kapuso hunk answered, “Well, you have the Internet now and then you have books.

“I have my seasons kasi. I have my seasons of puro Playstation [games] at movies, pagkatapos noon, after two months, biglang may mahawakan akong libro, babasahin ko iyon tapos puro libro naman.…”

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To give you an idea how “consumed” he could get whenever he’s trying to research about something, “I have my laptop in front of me; I have my iPad; I have my cellphone on my right hand, and I just discuss… habang may nire-research ako; iyong TV ko, may documentary.”

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Smiling, Rafael exclaimed, “I just want to sit and soak in knowledge! Ewan ko kung bakit nangyari iyon sa akin. Pero now I just feel like a sponge. Gusto ko lang malaman lahat!”

Now, we give you Rafael Rosell's words of wisdom about health, religion, and life.

1. “Nakakatakot daw ang rice? It’s not rice… it’s the chemicals that slow down metabolism.”

Hence, to those who are dieting, the goal should be to speed up your metabolism.

Rafael resumed, “I eat rice. I eat all the sweets!

“Kapag naayos mo na iyong metabolism mo. Your body will process it naman, e. Meat takes a day to four days to process

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“It’s not rice, it’s not cakes, it’s not sweets, it’s not pastries that make you fat— it’s the slowness of your metabolism due to the chemicals.”

2. Before you embark on a weight-loss routine, the realization should be, “I have to take care of the only thing God gave me— my body, my soul, my mind.”

He likened his organic diet “to the basic noong buhay pa si Jesus— fish, vegetables, raw and natural food…”

3. Nope, he won’t require his girlfriend to adopt his healthy lifestyle but…”if the girl chooses the same as me since may similarity or may parang thing in common, mas madali siguro na siya ang mapili kong babae kesa someone na hindi iyon ang pinili.”

Not one to be self-righteous, Rafael emphasized, “I’m not trying to convert people naman, e. I’m just giving them an option to choose.”

4. Clean living begins with “taking a walk.”

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What set off his motivation, he said, was making those slow but sure steps.

He got so engrossed with the topic and offered a long explanation:

“Like in life, you learn to walk before you can run, 'di ba? You take a walk and then you start jogging and you start working out, 'tapos mapapansin mo iyong mga kinakain mo hindi pa rin nakakatulong sa end goal mo.

“At kapag may choice ka na, kung alam mo na ang gusto mo sa buhay, alam mo na yung direction mo, alam mo na iyong distractions mo, mas madali na siyang pumili dahil kung hindi mo alam iyong gusto mo, iyon iyong mahirap.

“Dahil, ano bang gusto mo? Gusto mo ba maging healthy o gusto mong kumain ng masama?

“Dahil iyong kumain ng masama, it lasts you a day, iyong taste, pero it will affect you for a week.

“But if you choose to live healthy, you ignore that for just an hour, you forget about it, and that’s the whole week na healthy ka. So, it’s really a choice.

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“It’s not difficult if you know what you want.”

5. He’s not vain, but adding a toner and lotion to his grooming routine has done wonders to his skin.

“Toner, kailangang matuyo… Pag tuyo na yun, yun na ‘yong lotion. [It’s] ten minutes extra than usual.”

The results, according to him: “Less oily, sa set napapansin nila madali akong makeup-an. Hindi na kailangang mag-retouch lagi. The blemishes, mas konti, mas pumuti.”

6. “I do good that will make me feel good, I do bad and it makes me feel bad, and that’s my religion.”

Rafael underscored, “I’m not saying any religion is right or wrong para sa mga tao. Kanya-kanya naman iyan, e.

“I don’t want to tell people what’s right for them dahil that might not be right for me.”

But he’s not in any rush picking a religious organization he’d want to join.

“Pero para sa akin, to be able to sit in a room with all people with different religions, to be able to discuss different religions with all these people, mas lalawak iyong paningin ko sa buhay ko.

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“And with more options and more viewpoints, I can finally choose kung anong para sa akin.

“Mas madali para sa akin ang mahanap iyong sariling path ko, kesa nakaganyan na ako and sasabihin ko, ‘Ito na iyong tama,' na wala namang ebidensiya.”

7. “With the environment today, I don’t want to cut down more trees just to produce a book.”

So, Rafael opted to go the route of the Internet.

He’s been actively posting his insights on Instagram, plus, a website called Rafaelogy may be in the offing.

Back to his environmental concerns, “I think the planet is suffering enough from the trees that we’re cutting.

“Isipin mo— think of your garbage for one day and then you think of the garbage of your neighbor and then you add those two, and then you think of the garbage that you produce in your neighborhood and then you multiply that by how many neighbors na kilala mo.

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Isa pa, tignan mo iyong basura sa labas ng fastfood chain, doblehin mo iyon, tripled, quadrupled, manyfold.

“And then you multiply worldwide, how many trees you think we’re cutting down every day ‘tapos magrereklamo tayo sa global warming.

“But we’re not going to do anything about it? What are we then?”

Simple practices like avoiding “styrofoam” because “there’s no way nature can break that down” and using towel instead of tissue can have a huge impact.

8. “One hectare of hemp = 4.2 hectares of trees”

Rafael said “industrial hemp,” which is “mistaken for the same plant as marijuana,” can help save nature.

“It can make anything, 40,000 ang byproducts niya.”

The hiccup: “… the government won’t allow it kasi mas mura siya. Iyong mga tree-logging companies, hindi na rin kikita ng ganoong karami if you start using this.”

In a nutshell, to enjoy life to its fullest, take care of your body and “protect nature.”

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An ideal date for Rafael Rosell entails “skydiving!” It’s a feat he has never experienced; besides, he’s always liked the idea of flying like the Man of Steel.
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