No to tiis-ganda, Yes to stronger hair + a magazine feature with Carla Abellana!

IMAGE courtesy of Palmolive

Join the Strong Hair Dare and get the chance to be featured in a magazine with Palmolive Girl Carla Abellana.


Are you one of those girls who endure hair torture just to look beautiful and to keep up with the latest hair trends? Do you often use curling iron, blow-dryer, hair iron or hair color even if these styling tools and treatments cause hair damage? If your answer is yes, you are caught in an endless cycle of tiis-ganda.

Say goodbye to tiis-ganda with Palmolive Naturals Complete Repair. Its formula has 100% natural honey balm extracts and avocado oil to help repair multiple signs of hair damage, making hair up to 10 times stronger*.

Show off your strong hair and style your way to fame through Palmolive Naturals Complete Repair Shampoo’s Strong Hair Dare.

To join, simply follow the featured hairstyle for the week posted on the Palmolive Naturals Facebook Fan Page ( Show that you can pull off different hairstyles that only strong hair can stand.

Once you’ve seen the featured hairstyle, all you have to do is just send in two of your photos—one showing the procedure you followed as you style your hair and the other showcasing the finished look.

The Strong Hair Dare grand prize winners will be featured in a fashion magazine with Palmolive Girl Carla Abellana.

So join now, and grab this fabulous chance to show the world how strong and beautiful your hair truly is. With Palmolive Naturals Complete Repair, no more tiis-ganda! Have a great hair day!

* vs. non-conditioning shampoo, when used with Palmolive Naturals Conditioner





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