Comedy King Dolphy immortalized in digital app

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The Dolphy mobile game app aims to make more people conscious about environmental protection—a cause that the late Comedy King supported when he was still alive. One of his sons, Epi Quizon, says his father's penchant for white suits is a symbol of cleanliness and his love for nature.

It’s been one year since legendary actor Dolphy passed away, but his stellar presence continues to shine as various projects are currently being developed in his honor.

Among those ventures is the new Dolphy mobile game application that is currently in the works and will soon hit the local digital market.

“There is this company in the States who approached us if they can develop an app, a game na daddy ko ang bida.

“We’re going to immortalize him in the digital world,” Eric Quizon told the press on July 10, during an intimate gathering of families, relatives, and friends at the Heritage Park in Taguig City to commemorate the Comedy King’s first death anniversary.

Epi Quizon affirmed his elder brother's statement by telling Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) that the application is being developed by iGen Technology.

“It’s called Pidol Clean Up.

“Basically, environmental naman siya… para siyang Ghostbusters, pero imbes na ghost ang zina-zap niya, mga dumi sa environment.”


Epi takes pride in his late dad’s various advocacies, like environmental protection. In fact, he attributes his dad’s fetish for head-to-foot white outfits to Dolphy's cleanliness.

Thus, the game app that promotes environmental clean-up is apt for his iconic image.

Another Quizon sibling who's excited about this app is Vandolph.

“Kahit kami mawala sa mundo… nandiyan pa rin ang app na iyan. It will remind the [next] generations.”

OTHER DOLPHY PROJECTS. Indeed, preserving the Comedy King's legacy in films, documentaries, books, monuments, and other platforms will remind future generations of his immeasurable contributions to the Philippine entertainment industry.

As one of Pidol’s sons Rolly Quizon aptly says, “He may be long gone pero I’m sure people always remember something about him.”

More so for the whole Quizon family as Eric adds,“His mere image, his mere memory symbolizes the solidarity within the family. Hindi mawawala, hindi mabubuwag iyon.”


The late comedian’s longtime partner Zsa Zsa Padilla also expressed her excitement over this app and other projects.

She and Eric are on top of all the projects and other concerns.

Accordingly, a fun run is scheduled this coming July 21 to be held at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila, and a simple mass offering for Mang Dolphy’s birthday anniversary on July 25.

Also in the works are medical missions dubbed as “Alay Kalusugan” in Manila and Taguig City—set for either this October or November, the construction of a Dolphy Museum in Taguig City, and the aforementioned game app.

The outpouring of Filipinos' love and support for Mang Dolphy is what makes the Quizon family inspired to give back the blessings thru the Dolphy Aid Foundation.

Says one of Dolphy’s younger daughters, Zia Quizon, “It’s a bit easier for me to heal kasi nakikita ko din iyong buong bayan truly felt his loss along with us.


“So, that sense of unity with the Filipinos is just so humbling and touching.”





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