Gwen Zamora: “Sexy is not my thing.”

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While Gwen Zamora has made it to FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women for three consecutive years—2011, 2012, and 2013—the Kapuso actress does not see herself posing for the men’s magazine title in the future. Primarily, the 22-year-old doesn’t see herself as sexy. Gwen tells, “I see myself as charming. I can be sexy, like, maybe twice a year… because I stop working out half the year!”

It escapes the knowledge of half-Filipina, half-Italian Gwen Zamora that she makes it yet again to FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women this year.

She debuted in the roster of the “finest women” in 2011, wherein she placed #42. She may have slid to the 89th post in 2012, but Gwen’s ranking made a slow climb to #85 this 2013.

“I just signed a magazine. I think I’m #85?” The actress, oblivious, told the Philippine Entertainment Portal ( in a one-on-one chat last July 15.

Gwen, who turned heads in an elegant ensemble—black sheer button down, black shorts, black heels, and a red blazer—wondered why she even made it to the list.

She laughed, “I don’t even know what I’m in it and I’ve never posed!”

Sexy is not her thing, she went on to say.

“I have nothing against girls who show their bodies. It’s just that it’s really not me.”

CONSERVATIVE. Gwen has said it a few times before that she will not pose for FHM, where her co-network talents Marian Rivera, Sam Pinto, Jennylyn Mercado, Solenn Heussaff, Ellen Adarna, and Jackie Rice have flaunted their assets as cover girls.

“Hindi, hindi talaga,” the 22-year-old actress stressed.

She revealed, nonetheless, that she might think twice about posing should other men’s magazines ask her to.

Esquire, puwede pa [or] Rogue. Ayun, kaya pa.

UNO, if I’m daring.

FHM, no.”

She joked, “That’s awkward if my picture ends up in a banyo of a boat… That’s weird!”


Turning serious, Gwen took back her last statement, “No, it’s really not [that]…”

The actress reasoned that her parents might disapprove.

“Feeling ko, parents ko rin parang, ‘Do you really need to do that?’

“My Dad might be Western but we’re still very conservative in a sense.

“And it’s really not in my characters, in my roles. It’s not in me to veer towards the sexy side.”

STRESS EATER. Gwen is the last person to describe herself as “sexy.” She would, however, allow “charming.”

The actress later dished out, “I can be sexy, like, maybe twice a year… because I stop working out half the year!”

She recalled being sexy last summer, but ended up gaining all the weight back.

“Ngayon, bumabalik ng konti kasi stressed ako sa work,” told Gwen, who stars as the resident mean girl in the upcoming family drama, Binoy Henyo.

“I’m a stress eater, so pag unhappy ako or stressed ako, nagbi-binge eat ako!”

Like most people who battle stress in their lives, Gwen resorts to food too when work gets to her.

She binges on just about anything, she said.

“Even if it’s tasteless, I will still eat it.

“Even when I’m eating it, I’m like, ‘Why am I eating it? It’s not even good!’

“And next thing you know, it’s finished!”

Gwen also revealed pitying her boyfriend, businessman Raymund Romualdez, when she’s on a diet. She said she becomes irritable when she isn’t satiated by the food she eats.


“I feel so bad for my boyfriend when I’m on a diet.

“He gets all the heat—naiinis ako, I’m short-tempered, ‘Don’t talk to me, don’t touch me!’”

ROAD TO FITNESS, AGAIN. Like most people who fall off the healthy bandwagon and experience a setback in their fitness regimen once in a while, celebrities like Gwen do, too.

The actress is trying her best to get back into her healthy routine at the moment and that does not mean breaking up with food.

Gwen eats breakfast, lunch, dinner, and adds merienda as well, but keeps herself busy at work.

She has evidently shed five pounds and it’s all thanks to her workout that consists of jumping rope and the shaker weights she recently got for herself.

Gwen believes, spending six minutes on the latter will burn the chub on her arms—not that she cares.

She rolled her eyes, “It’s supposed to be for flabby arms!”

Asked if she resists being sexy for her boyfriend, Gwen laughed, “Siyempre, I want to be sexy for my partner.

“Pero 6’3” siya so kahit anong size ako, okay lang.

“Kahit size 10 ako, carry lang!

“Minsan naman I do try [to be healthy]!”

Her immaculate face aside, Gwen’s yoyo dieting and nonchalant views on staying sexy says that she’s very much human.





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