Maxene Magalona admits having a "mean bone" too: “I like to speak what I think and what I feel.”

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Twelve years in the industry have taught TV actress-model-host Maxene Magalona that one cannot please everybody. The young star tells, “The best thing that I can do is just to be myself and that’s the best gift that I can give people. I don’t want to be fake. If they can’t take me as I am, then wala na akong magagawa. Yun lang yun.”

Kapuso actress Maxene Magalona says she's proud of Mga Basang Sisiw for two reasons—it's earning good ratings and she plays the afternoon soap’s evil stepmother Vicky.

The GMA-7 show, a remake of the 1981 film starring Niño Muhlach, Julie Vega, and Janice de Belen, talks about families and their struggles—a theme that Maxene strongly feels about.

“We all go through problems. But siyempre sa TV, you have to exaggerate. Exaggerated sa TV yung tutukan ng baril, kidnap-kidnap.

“You know, it’s just a magnified version of the family problems we experience in real life.”

Maxene says again, “I’m proud to be part of it.

“And I’m proud na ako yung kontrabida na nagpapahirap sa mga bata because it’s a clear example of what people shouldn’t become!”

In Mga Basang Sisiw, the five Santos siblings mourn the loss of their mother, yet they have to deal with the mean, scheming Vicky who plots to replace her in their lives. Vicky is driven by her mad desire for the children’s father, Froilan Santos (Raymond Bagatsing).

Maxene is fully aware of her character’s antagonism.

“Everyone has a kontrabida side to them and si Vicky exaggerated… She’s really evil. And I will most certainly don’t want to be like her!”

The actress challenged herself when she was offered her first kontrabida role.

She recalls, “When I accepted the role, [tinanong] ko, ‘Pa'no ko kaya gagawin? Ano yung atake ko?’

“Sabi ko, ‘Well, all out!’ I’d rather do it really well kaysa yung half-baked.


“So, talagang psycho si Vicky and I love it. I love it!”

MAXENE’S MEAN BONE. Just how antagonistic does Maxene get in real life?

The actress-host-model admits having a "mean bone," like other people.

“Siyempre, of course! I’m a very strong person and I like to speak what I think, what I feel.”

She brooks no second thoughts about expressing herself. And in spite of some people being intimidated by her strong personality, Maxene says, “I’m just being myself.”

“Yung iba, they’re taken aback na parang ‘Woah!’

“Because they’re not comfortable at expressing themselves like me.”

“I DON’T LIKE NEGATIVITY.” If there's anything that irritates the outspoken Maxene, it's persons who are quick to judge others without considering their disposition.

The actress reveals, “Ako kasi, I like to psychologize, e. ‘Bakit kaya ganyan yung taong 'yan? A, kasi ganito siya… ito yung background niya.’

Everyone goes through rough patches in their lives, says Maxene, and so, people shouldn’t deem others unkind or “hindi okay” because, who knows, he or she could really be just having a bad day.

“Naiinis ako sa mga taong, ang daming sinasabi pero hindi muna nila matingnan yung sarili muna nila,” Maxene elaborates.

“I don’t like negativity. I like happy thoughts. I like just looking at the bright side of things. I’m such a positive person.

“I like counting my blessings. I like seeing the signs. Yung serendipity, I like serendipity… parang if not for this, hindi mangyayari ito.


“So, thankful ako dito, thankful ako na may ganyan.”

TRUE TO HERSELF. Being a celebrity means constantly being scrutinized and criticized by the public. How does Maxene handle this?

The actress answers, “I’m really sanay na.”

Twelve years in the industry, according to Maxene, has taught her that one cannot please everyone.

“But the best thing that I can do is just to be myself and that’s the best gift that I can give people.

“I don’t want to be fake.

“If they can’t take me as I am, then wala na akong magagawa. Yun lang yun.

“But I know that I did my part and that I’m true to them.

“That’s all that matters.”





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