Georcelle Dapat-Sy: The choreographer behind G-Force's success

IMAGE Rizza C. Benedicto

Teacher Georcelle is open to doing a G-Force movie. "I want siyempre yung magandang istorya para malaman naman ng mga tao ang talagang istorya ng isang mananayaw. Kasi, you know, sa tagal ko sa business I have struggled, I have struggled for the respect of a lot of people sa mga dancers."

At age 14, Georcelle Dapat-Sy, also known as Teacher Georcelle, started to dance professionally.

At 16, she started choreographing, making her one of the youngest choreographers of her time.

Indeed, Teacher Georcelle is a born dancer. She lives and breathes dancing.

Her passion has brought her to creating today’s top dance group in showbiz, the G-Force.

HOW G-FORCE STARTED. Georcelle recalls how her dream to have her own dance company began to flourish.

“G-Force started January 16, 2005. Nagsimula kami ng puro girls lang, kasi I came from an all-girl dance group [Hotlegs] na kilala sa industriya and I don’t want na may masagasaan.

“But at that time, a mentor of mine said that I should form and have my own group, so there, I started with just all-girls kasi nga ayoko ng may conflict, ayokong may masagasaan.

“But after a month, they really wanted me to form a bigger company that can help all the shows in ABS-CBN.

“So after a month, we had an audition and nagkaroon kami ng boys.”

She continued, “These dancers come from different schools, colleges and universities. Nag-audition sila, nakita ko yung potential and nagkaroon ng isang dance group si Georcelle.

“Wala pa kaming pangalan for six months, walang G-Force. They were introduced as Georcelle dancers.

“At kasama ko pa rin ngayon for eight years na, Gelai [Aguzar] and Bhe [Briones]," referring to two of her original members.

The choreographer has come a long way from her all-girl dance group. Now her team is divided into five groups that have their own niche in dancing.

“Lumaki na ang pamilya namin, ngayon I have this and in G-Force we have five groups.

“Mayroon tayong G-Force Unique, G-Force Poppers, G-Force Angels, G-Force Femmes, and G-Force Stallions.”

She also recalls receiving good news from a friend. “A year after, a friend of mine from the States endorsed a very good dancer.


“He was introduced to me, he came to our dance class and he became an asset of the group.

"That person is now one of the senior choreographers of G-Force and now being trained as one of the stage directors of this industry. His name is Sherwin Casepe.”

WHO IS GEORCELLE? When (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked Georcelle Dapat-Sy to tell us more about herself, she answered simply:

“I am teacher Georcelle, I am a product of the best [dance] mentors here in the country and what I’ve learned from them I share to my students, I share to my family, I share with aspiring dancers.”

But it looks like Teacher G still has bigger plans for herself and her company. Everybody sees that she has gone a long way in the business, but for her it is just the beginning.

“Thank you kung tingin ng tao malayo na yung narating ko, pero alam mo, puwede pang mas malayo pa.

“Kasi sabi ko nga, ang dreams ng isang tao maraming layers, e. Kung may ma-achieve ka ngayon, you keep on aiming for another dream.”

No doubt she has truly inspired a lot of dancers and aspirants, for she lets them find their niche in the industry and express who they want to be through their art.

“I work from the heart, with enthusiasm, and the working atmosphere is always fun,” says Georcelle.

Now Georcelle is not only a mom to her three beautiful kids but a mother to the dancers she trains. She feels grateful that her students see her as an inspiration to do well in their chosen career.

“Ang sarap ng feeling na you are now a person of influence,” Georcelle said.

She added, “Ang sarap and I don’t want to lose that, I don’t want to lose the respect of the people and I wanna keep on doing this and improve on doing this.


“Because, you know, as what I’ve said before, I step back to give them the spotlight in dancing, I step back to give them room to choreograph and to handle projects.

“But for myself, I also need improvement, I also need to learn. This is what I can share with everyone—that the learning process is a never-ending process.”

DANCING IS A CAREER. Now that G-Force has achieved so much that it has set the bar in the art of popular dance, does she aspire for more?

She said, "Yung dreams ko kasi, kumakapal nang kumakapal yung layer.

“Siguro yung first layer nasunod na, to have my company [G-Force]; yung second layer nasunod na, to have people committed in my company.

"Siguro yung huling dream ko na natupad is to have our own home, G-Force Dance Center.

“And now I am happy na meron akong aspiring dancers na nandito sa akin and they keep on coming, which I love, and my dream really is to have a bigger place where we can hone more people.”

It took G-Force six years before they finally had their own dance studio. “We rent. But now we have our own house, our own home, and this where we do all the training, all the improvement,” says Georcelle.

What is Teacher G’s take on parents who don't support their kids' dream to pursue a dance career?

“I always tell my students na you have to prove to your parents that dancing can be a career, you tell them that.

“And you have to prove that to them by showing them you can do schooling and dancing at the same time.

“You show also that you share your blessings with them, di ba? That’s the only way talaga to prove to them na dancing can be a career.”


G-FORCE THE MOVIE. G-Force dancers have extended their talent with their music video Pow Wow, and an instructional video that they’ll be releasing next month.

Are they open to making a G-Force movie?

Georcelle revealed, “Isa yun sa bucket list namin.”

She explains, “I want siyempre yung magandang istorya para malaman naman ng mga tao ang talagang istorya ng isang mananayaw.

“Kasi you know, sa tagal ko sa business, I have struggled, I have struggled for the respect of a lot of people sa mga dancers.

“Na-achieve ko naman, I want to believe na na-achieve ko na, kasi in ASAP iba ang tingin ng mga tao sa G-Force, and [in] Eat Bulaga!

“Masarap na makaramdam ng ganoong pagrerespeto and we are also artists, we are dance artists, yun ang hindi alam ng mga tao. Na they thought we are just backing-up, no!

“We help enhance a production number.”

Georcelle ended our interview with a quotable statement: “With bigger name, we have bigger responsibility.”





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