Cloie Concepcion looks forward to seeing dad Gabby Concepcion after 17 years; looks up to sister KC as role model

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Cloie Concepcion, 18-year-old daughter of actor Gabby Concepcion and model/actress Jenny Syquia, is coming into her own. With the aim of making a showbiz career in the Philippines, Cloie will mostly likely bump into Gabby, who she has not seen for 17 years. “At the time when I do meet him, I think the words will just come naturally. I can’t imagine it in my head because it’s such a big thing,” Cloie tells

Eighteen-year-old Cloie Concepcion has her heart set in showbiz.

“Yes po. I am sure of it. I’m really excited about it and I just moved a month ago. So, I’m here now for good,” she told the media last Wednesday, August 1, at the Viva Entertainment office in Ortigas.

Cloie has showbiz running in her blood, being the daughter of actor Gabby Concepcion and Filipino-Swedish model-actress Jenny Syquia. The 5’7” beauty, however, says that her passion for modelling and performing on stage is what truly drives her to enter the entertainment industry.

“I’ve thought about it since I was in my early teens—‘cause I’ve always been into modelling—and now that I actually moved over here.

“So, it’s finally happening now!”

Cloie is backed by Viva Artists Agency with whom she signed a three-year contract last January 26, 2012.

Apart from becoming a professional model, she sees herself as a host and actress too, which is why Cloie is busy these days attending acting workshops and two Tagalog classes.

Jenny Syquia, who was beside her daughter at the mini-press conference, told the press that Viva is “getting the solid base” for Cloie right now.

Still a beauty at 45, the actress/model stated, “Viva has plans for her once she gets those done.

“But it’s very important in order to communicate with the audience that she can speak the language.”

Cloie who grew up speaking Swedish also knows how to converse in Mandarin, having studied in China during the past year. With hopes of starting a career in local showbiz, she is bent on learning Filipino as fast as she can.

“All my classes are wonderful. People I’ve been meeting have been so great, too,” said Cloie who will soon be taking up dance workshops too.

READY FOR SHOWBIZ? Performing as a career has been at the back of Cloie’s mind since way back.


“I think doing just school musicals in school productions just make me want to take it to another level.

“It’s just always been there throughout my life, me hearing about Mom and her experiences.”

The glamor in living a celebrity’s life aside, showbiz is notorious for nasty rumors as well. Is the budding talent prepared for that?

Cloie said that her Mom and friends have already warned her.

“My Mom has told me something that I hear from everybody, that showbiz can be hard sometimes with intrigues and such.

“But I think I’ll learn during the process also and maybe learn from Mom’s mistakes and some of my friends’ mistakes.

“I’ll just try to think about what they told me and use it in my own life.”

ATE KC AND ATE GARRIE. Now that Cloie will be staying in the Philippines for good, she will be seeing more of her older sisters, actress-host-model KC Concepcion and Garrie Concepcion, who recently started a singing career too.

KC is Gabby’s daughter with Megastar Sharon Cuneta, and Garrie is Gabby’s daughter with businesswoman Grace Ibuna.

Cloie said that even before she decided to settle down, she and her sisters would always find time to bond whenever she visited the country.

“I think we’ve been spending a lot of time together. Especially now when I moved over here, we had the chance to actually be together because before we’ve always lived in different countries.

“So, now it’s obviously… it does make it much easier to call her up and be like ‘Hi! Do you want to meet up?’”

They bond over “girly things and just all kinds of things,” said Cloie, who lit up the moment she started talking more about her half-siblings.

“We’re sisters! We can be silly together and we totally call each other to watch a movie. [We] work out together!”


KC, in particular, serves as a role model to Cloie.

“She usually tells me to just be myself 'cause that’s very important. She’s a great role model. I’m really lucky to have her.”

Asked if they talk about their father, Cloie answered without hesitation, “Yeah! I mean, obviously, that’s why we’re sisters. So, he does get mentioned a lot.”

DADDY GABBY. Having been raised by her Mom and Swedish stepfather Filip Skarne, Cloie never saw much of Gabby in all her 17 years.

“I met him when I was a baby,” she simply quipped.

It does not escape Cloie’s thoughts, of course, that she will run into Gabby, who keeps his career active in the circuit.

“At the time when I do meet him, I think the words will just come naturally.

“I can’t imagine it in my head because it’s such a big thing.

“I don’t think I can plan what I’m gonna react and what I’m gonna say,” she stated.

Finally asked if she is eager to meet him, Cloie, who inherited Gabby’s prominent jaw line among his attractive features, said, “I really look forward to seeing him.

“But I grew up with my Dad Philip, so he’s always been around and been there for me.”





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