KC Montero approves of girlfriend Rhian Ramos' fashion choices

IMAGE Mark Atienza

"My girlfriend looks hot," said KC Montero when he saw Rhian Ramos wearing a sexy black leather dress she bought from an online shop.

Celebrity couple Rhian Ramos and KC Montero were among the guests at the launch of the Green Room, a.k.a. the Heineken Beer Bar, last August 3, at the K-Pub BBQ in The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City.

The Green Room features the country’s first the “kegulator,” a modern-day beer barrel that dispenses over 20 glasses of cold premium beer at your table.

"A bunch of our friends are gonna be modeling and we're supporting everybody, even K-Pub because they are doing this also to launch their Green Room,” Rhian tells PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in an interview.

She adds that she “couldn’t not be” at the event because it happens to coincide with the fashion show of designer-to-the-stars M Barretto.

A model and fashionista herself, Rhian took the backseat that evening, "I just want to see some nice clothes and watch my friends walk."

RHIAN’S STYLE. When Rhian was asked about her outfit—a leather LBD with oblique cutouts—that night, it is KC who makes the first remark.


"My fashion sense is so, so, like…” he says, gesturing negatively with his hands. KC was wearing a chambray top over red pants at the party.

“And she's very smart at what she wears, so I approve of anything she wears."

Rhian interjects, "Although when he first saw me, he goes, ‘My girlfriend looks hot,’ so KC approved," she giggles.

She explains her outfit choice for the night's fashion show, "I just wanted a different twist on something that has been done so many times.

“Cutout to the sides and the knot in the middle is usually as a T-shirt fabric na parang cottony, so I found it cool na it was perforated leather."

"You don't get to be comfortable in leather in the Philippines, unless it's perforated."

We joked that with the cutouts on her top, it's like carrying her own air-conditioner around. "It's air-friendly naman!" Rhian quipped.

ONLINE SHOPPING. Who designed Rhian’s leather ensemble? "Not designer at all, I just bought it online."


She admits to shopping online a lot lately, "I'm like an online dictionary!"

Is online shopping the way to go in this connected age?

"I just think it's convenient for someone like me who doesn't get to go to the malls often.

"At saka I just like the fact that it is delivered to your home and then you pay via credit card.

“Like, I enrolled all my stuff kasi online na din, like my bank account and whatever. So, when I swipe my card, I pay it right away."

Does she ever have problems with her sizes since there is no fitting involved?

"Oh no, not really, because what I really, really hate is fitting.

"I hate having to go inside a dressing room and, like, for me, it's really the tedious part of shopping.

“Like, I know how to appreciate, I know when I like something, and when I don't like something.


"But when it comes to 'does it fit right,' I don't know, I have to ask, like, my sister or a friend pa. It's kinda hard."

For a fashion event like this, where she is a celebrity in attendance and not actively a part of the program, what look does she usually go for?

"It depends din what kind of event it is. Sometimes, I don't wanna be super underdressed naman. But I don't wanna be super overdressed naman."

Her rule of thumb is, "I like being a little under or a little over.

“Parang I don't wanna completely match the, ano, but… I don't know. It still depends on how I'm feeling that day, what the event is about, what the theme is because I super love themes!"

Her favorite dress-up themes would be, "If there's gonna be, like, superhero, I'm gonna be all-out superhero.

“Like, it's not gonna be glamorous superhero. It's gonna be costume-y. I love stuff like that."


Rhian would most likely come to a superhero party as "Poison Ivy, she's a super villain!"

And as for KC, "I'd be Lex Luthor or the blue guy from, like, The Watchmen or something."


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