Filipino moms set new Guinness World Record

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Celebrity mom and brand ambassador Tessa Prieto-Valdez led all 2,132 "Sige Moms" to victory as they set a new world record for hand-washing.

On August 17, 2,132 Filipino moms, also labeled as Sige Moms, made Guinness World Records history.

Beating an existing record, they battled for 17 minutes to remove chocolate, grape juice, and ink stains from a 1.2 kilometers-long fabric using a new detergent called Breeze ActivBleach.

A previous record from Vietnam had 1,968 people simultaneously hand-washing a 400-meter fabric for at least five minutes. The Pinay Sige Moms, who successfully removed the stains, proved to the world that they are the “bida.

"I am so grateful. Iba pag Pinoy," says Mara Banson, assistant manager for the brand, who initiated the event at the University of Makati football field, to promote their latest product.

"Honestly, we wanted everyone to know—because Breeze is a new detergent—we wanted people to see the unbeatable removal powers and at the same time, we wanted to give pride to the Philippines.

"I really have full trust in all the Sige Moms that came. I know that they wouldn't let go of that cloth and that they wouldn't let us down. I am so, so happy that we were able to break it [Vitenam record]."

Participants were selected from seven different barangays in Metro Manila, including Addition Hills, West Rembo, Cumembo, Pembo, Pinagbuhatan, and Guadalupe Nuevo.

Of course, Breeze brand ambassador Tessa Prieto-Valdez was on-hand during the event to help the Sige Moms stay calm and have fun while doing the record attempt.

She led them through a dance number while the cloth was being soaked in the detergent solution. She even joked, "Huwag na kayo maligo mamaya, mabango na kayo. Ang galing niyo mga moms!"

After the attempt had been made, Tessa was ecstatic, sharing there was "no way, no way" the Sige Moms would not beat the record.

"If you get this many Sige Moms together, there is no way... nothing can distract a Pinoy mom from breaking any record, believe me!"


She adds, "I am really happy. It's only Breeze that can... Even with the rain, they had fun out of making laba," she said while noting how the awful weather conditions that day failed to, even for one bit, dampen the spirits of the participants.

Kristy Bennett, a representative from Guinness World Records, flew in the day before the official attempt to witness the record-breaking event and to reminded people of the guidelines for this attempt.

For this moment to be considered a record in her book, there should be more people washing clothes and everyone needs to follow the two basic rules, which are: one, the fabric needs to be washed continuously or hand-washed for five minutes minimum; and two, anyone who lets go of the garment will be disqualified, including those who stop washing.

Without revealing their identities, Kristy told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that there were 45 undercover witnesses to help her verify and monitor the record attempt.

Unfortunately, nine people were disqualified by Kristy and her team of independent witnesses for letting go of the cloth and stopping from hand-washing.

After the world record had been broken, we caught up with Kristy on stage to ask what she thought of this particular attempt.

"This contest was fantastic to adjudicate because it was so well-organized, and everyone was so positive.

“It was so lovely to be here. I am really happy that these 2,132 people were able to make the Guinness World Record…

“This was actually a highlight today. The people were just so lovely despite the weather, people were having fun. That is what record-breaking is all about," she says.

Cheers to the Pinoy spirit for setting the Guinness World Records for Most People Hand-washing Fabric Simultaneously.





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