Why Heart Evangelista prefers to workout in the morning

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Heart Evangelista on why she exercises every morning: “I think the best way to lose fat is before you even put fat or eat anything is you have to burn what’s already stuck there."

Heart Evangelista may be slim and appear to be strictly conscious of her diet; but in reality, the actress eats normal food like every other girl with a hearty appetite.

“I don’t deprive my body from protein,” she tells PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in a recent interview.

“I eat a lot of protein but just enough, right amount, because it gets you bulky rin. Kasi its for muscles, right?”

Protein-rich food like lean meats, poultry, fish, dairy products, and nuts are all part of Heart’s diet.

However, she makes sure she distributes them evenly in a week, and that she practices portion-control all the time.

As for carbohydrates—like rice, bread, and potatoes—which many diet fanatics consider to be a no-no when you’re trying to lose weight, Heart says:

“I don’t eat a lot of carbs. Probably in the morning I allow myself to eat a little bit to give me energy, but after that, I workout.”

For Heart, the best way to achieve your dream body is to have a balanced routine of eating healthy—the right amount and right ingredients—and exercising everyday.

“I workout once a day, in the morning before anything else.

“I think the best way to lose fat is before you even put fat or eat anything is you have to burn what’s already stuck there.

“So, you workout before you eat breakfast in the morning for 30 minutes.”

Heart’s morning workout routine varies everyday.

“Treadmill, sometimes brisk walk or I run, sit-ups… And my house kasi is three levels and I really put my master bedroom on the third level, so its like doing squats.”


Whenever she has time, Heart also visits a nearby Plana Forma studio.

“It’s a combination of core yoga and Pilates.

“It’s not really the weight loss, but you become really firm especially in the areas that you want to concentrate on like your butt, your thighs, your stomach, a little bit of your arms; so there are no chow-chows, you know,” she says about sagging arm muscles, which others call “wings.”

Heart also adds that it pays to take vitamin supplements regularly to keep your body from being deficient of any important nutrient.





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