Youth power standouts on the rise

Emmanuel Bagual, Nobel Peace Prize nominee, is making a difference by putting up a program that aims to help street children and child laborers.


The Philippines has been tagged as the Social Networking Capital of Asia with more youths logging on to Facebook and Twitter.

Nokia, however, believes that there’s more to social networking than posting, tweeting, and sharing. Social media can be used to create more purposeful connectivity: one that reaches out and moves people to become better.

This is the spark that gave birth to the concept of finding empowered Filipino youth from varying demographics who overcame the situations they were in. Theirs would be the perfect stories to bring to fore, to share, to blog about, to post. Of the many interesting personalities Nokia has come across, 5 young individuals stood out.

They are called “Power Standouts,” each one with a story that displays rarity of youth spirit and passion.

NOBEL PEACE PRIZE NOMINEE: Emmanuel Bagual, 20 years old

The country’s youngest nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize for Children’s Rights for founding M.Y. Rights (Mind Your Rights), a youth program that aims to uplift the lives of street children and child laborers.

TEAM CAPTAIN OF UP PEP SQUAD: Lian Melegrito, 21 years old

Stands strong with perfect balance, maintaining award-winning form that makes her appropriately Captain of the UP Pep Squad.

ARTIST AND THEATER ACTOR: Fredison Lo, 23 years old

His dream: to use the power of the theater to share stories that empower.

STAR SCHOLAR: Charls Bryan Katipunan, 16 years old

Last March, addressing 3,000 students during his graduation, this Valedictorian stood tall with that rare kind of spirit that gave him vision to see hope in adversity.

MVP WOMEN’S VOLLEYBALL: Michele Gumabao, 21 years old

UAAP Season 75 Finals MVP. She keeps herself grounded, saying that what’s important is that she is able to inspire others with her passion. She adds: “It’s like your gasoline. It’s your fuel to move on.”


MORE INSPIRING STORIES. The Nokia Asha 501 is still on the lookout for inspiring stories from the youth. Make a difference and share your standout stories. Let inspiration empower others to become extraordinary. Sometimes one post, one share can change the way we see the world.

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