Vhong Navarro samples rainy day fashion for men

IMAGE Borrowed from Instagram @vhongx44

Vhong Navarro's rainy day fashion must-haves—which every guys should own, too— include jackets, cardigans, hoodies, long-sleeve shirts, and boots.

Heavy rains and floods may have dampened the metro’s spirits these past weeks, but trust uber funny man and dance sensation Vhong Navarro to keep men’s style afloat this rainy season.

PHOTOS: Rainy day fashion by Vhong Navarro

Start with a splash of color to brighten the day. Use pants in vivid hues to make for an adventurous outfit that will perk up any gloomy mood. Combine with neutral shades to keep from going overboard.

A man who wears his colors well is great, but anyone who wears one too many a hue is not.

Cherry red sneakers, yellow shoelaces, denim on denim – these details are like icing on a cake. Pair with the classic black and white ensemble to tip the outfit to the hot and trendy scale.

Boots worn the right way are always cool and lend an instant rockstar vibe to any outfit.

These days, they serve a practicality as well as they make walking through puddles a tad easier.

Layering is a must in this unpredictable weather.

Prolong the life of summer staples like polo shirts, Bermuda shorts, and light cardigans by creating an outfit that will adjust to any temperature.

Hoodies and blazers make a comeback as they instantly dress down or dress up an outfit depending on the statement to make.

They also give an additional layer of protection to keep from catching the colds.

An all-black outfit is a timeless stylish go-to. It creates a slim silhouette to hide the pounds one may acquire from spending too much time indoors.

A more formal look is easily achieved and a man in black piques interest and sends off a sophisticated, mysterious, and sexy vibe.





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