Dondon Monteverde hopes to bring more Pinoy films to international scene through new online marketing company

IMAGE Noel Orsal

With the help of his new internet-based marketing company, Dondon Monteverde hopes to get more local films and TV shows noticed by more international audiences online.

Film producer and advertising executive Dondon Monteverde is out with more good stuff for Filipinos and audiences of Filipino cinema and television.

After the success of On The Job— a film which he produced— at the recent Cannes Film Festival, he introduces his new business venture, which could help more Filipino films and shows get recognized abroad.

His new company is called Activa Media Philippines, part of the larger Activa Media online agency in Southeast Asia that has two other regional offices in Malaysia and Thailand.

In essence, the company aims to target small businesses and give them equal footing alongside bigger companies in the arena of web advertising.

But Dondon says this could also help the entertainment industry a lot.

“Masasabi ko, oo [makakatulong]. Kasi siyempre, di ba, hindi naman lahat makakapunta sa atin?

“But with the power of the internet, di ba, parang siya na, parang they [the people] have the power to really browse on the content they wanna see.

“So, pwede nilang puntahan ito if they wanna see,” he explained in an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal).

Dondon and his team have already used this strategy to promote On The Job online, and he hopes to do it for other movies and TV shows as well.

“Alam mo naman tayo, showbiz tayo, e. I’ve been doing showbiz stuff and advertising stuff for the past 10 years.

“But I think it complements, e. Kasi, di ba, the content that you actually do, you can actually advertise here [internet].


"So, in terms of eyeballs, mas marami kang make-create by putting good content into the space that Google and Yahoo will provide, di ba?”

He adds, “Nakita naman natin ngayon the rise of VOD, iyong video-on-demand, palaki nang palaki iyan sa ibang bansa.

“And in the Philippines, I can see na it’s gonna grow soon also, kasi nga marami sa mga bata ngayon internet na lang, e, di ba, hindi na masyado sa television.

“Kaya right now, everyone’s on the tablet, everyone’s ano, doon na nakatutok, di ba? Pero siyempre hindi mawawala ang TV kasi talagang TV na ang kinalakihan natin.

“But then, it’s the new medium that I think everyone should watch out for na.

"I think it’s here na naman, it’s just medyo sa iba malaki na ‘to, e, and sa Philippines I think there’s a big chance that it will really grow.”

Dondon is really optimistic about his latest venture because the Philippines ranks among the top internet users all over the world.





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