Xian Lim and his latest leading lady

Growing up as an only child, Xian Lim had formed a very close bond with his mom, Mary Anne, which—to this day—has remained intact and gotten even stronger.


Xian Lim’s perennial onscreen partner may be way too popular.

But his newest leading lady is, without a doubt, the number one in his life, his mom, Mary Anne.

One thing is for sure, the love that Xian has for his mom is not “showbiz,” and something that is genuine, and beyond the actor’s career.

Dahil nag-iisang anak, lumaking malapit sa ina si Xian.

“Even as a child, I told him that he can tell me everything, and it’s still like that now,” kuwento ni Mary Anne sa interview niya sa Style Weekend section ng Manila Bulletin.

In all of his interviews, Xian is very consistent in saying that his mom is his biggest supporter, who is always there for him, in whatever undertakings he took.

Even now that he is already a star, Xian’s mom remains to be his biggest fan and guardian.

And given that, the Kapamilya star is confident he will make the right decisions as long as his mom is beside him and is always available for him whenever he needs help.


Ang pag-iipon ang isang magandang value na naituro ni Mary Anne sa anak, kahit noong bata pa lang si Xian.

This lesson proved to be something beneficial, especially now that the 24-year-old actor is earning from his showbiz career.

Mary Anne said that managing her finances properly is something that her own parents taught her when she was younger.

“That’s what my parents did to me, make me comfortable with the idea of saving and investing, and so I also taught him that,” she was quoted as saying in an interview.

Xian seconded, “Even before I was into acting, and so long before I was working with BDO, I would go to their branch near my house, as often as two to three times a week. Ang kulit talaga. I would ask them what were their latest packages. I really wanted to know how I could invest.”

At present, Xian can only be so grateful that his choice of bank has mobile banking services. Given his very hectic schedule, he has no time to personally visit the bank branches.


Pagbabalik-tanaw nga ni Xian, nang kumuha siya ng car loan at house loan ay wala na siyang panahon para asikasuhin ito sa bangko.

“I was so busy. The BDO people would really go out of their way to come to my set, help me out, advice me. That’s not just in the ad, it really happened in real life. It’s not just a line, they were really good at giving me advice, helping me with the paperwork.”

Kaya masaya ngayon ang actor na naging madali para ma-approve ang kanyang loans at ma-enjoy niya ang kanyang dream house para sa kanyang Nanay at Lola.

Just like with his mom, Xian stressed that the “trust level” he has on BDO is what makes the relationship work, and assured that if he has financial concerns, they can always find ways.

“They really make you feel as if you are part of a family,” said the family-oriented actor.


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