PEP Gift Guide Day 100: LJ Moreno’s Christmas butter cookies, whoopie pie platter, and lollicakes

IMAGE Demai G. Sunio-Granali

Bring out the inner child in your friends by giving them lollicakes, cookies, and other sweet treats from LJ Moreno's The Lollicake Factory.

Only 100 days to go before Christmas! Have you made out your shopping list yet?

If not, don’t fret, because the PEP Gift Guide is here to help you out with a roundup of gift ideas from your favorite celebrities that will surely make your friends and loved ones feel like stars, too.

100 DAYS TO GO. We start off this daily list with yummy treats from actress turned entrepreneur LJ Moreno, who opened her bakeshop called The Lollicake Factory in 2011.

Since then, she has made thousands of clients happy— among them are celebrity friends—with her bite-size cakes served on a lolly stick.

For Christmas, LJ is offering two new products you can give to your officemates or schoolmates as giveaways, or bring to potluck parties.

The butter cookies with royal icing, a new addition to the menu, come in different holiday-themed designs and can last up to three weeks if stored in a refrigerator. Each piece, which is nearly the size of a compact disc, costs Php 45.

This year, LJ is also introducing the whoopie pie platter, which is basically a dozen of her bestselling red velvet whoopie pies— mini cakes with cream cheese filling in between— decorated with edible Christmas-themed toppers and served on a holiday plate.

The final retail price isn’t available yet, but LJ tells (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that the dozen platter would cost around Php 460.

Of course, you can’t let your pals miss out on the famous lollicake, so order a dozen for Php 630 or half a dozen for Php 330, and it comes with a free Christmas gift box.


LJ has made sure to come out with special designs— Santa hat, Christmas tree, reindeer, snowman, to name a few— to keep up with the holiday spirit, but you can always customize your lollicakes the way you want them.

Choose from the Factory's bestselling flavors— red velvet, chocolate, cookies and cream, and choc-nut—or wait for the announcement on its Facebook page for the new holiday flavor.

“I’m looking into eggnog… eggnog or cinnamon. I just have to experiment on that, but the price will be the same din naman,” says LJ.

The Lollicake Factory currently has an ongoing early bird promo to avoid the holiday rush.

“If they order before November 20, the Christmas packages and Christmas products, I’ll be giving a 10 to 15 percent discount!”

For orders, contact The Lollicake Factory at +63 999-777-4443 or (02) 401-0701; e-mail; or send a private message via Facebook at The Lollicake Factory.





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