PEP GIFT GUIDE Day 97: Vice Ganda's cool colored sunglasses

IMAGE Borrowed from Instagram @praybeytbenjamin

Vice Ganda wears the Elmore sunglasses (Php 5,990) from one of his favorite international brands.

97 DAYS TO GO. In a country like the Philippines, where the sun shines really bright most of the time, it’s a must to always wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Most celebrities are known to be huge fans of sunnies.

And it doesn’t really matter whether they use their eyewear for its actual purpose or just for fashion or simply to help them conceal their identities in public.

Gandang Gabi Vice and It’s Showtime host Vice Ganda is one of the many stars, who have posted their photos on Instagram wearing the latest sunglass styles.

Among his favorites are pieces from international brand Von Zipper, which has a wide range of designs that would suit any person’s taste or needs.

Since sunglasses are timeless accesories, they make the perfect Christmas gift for each of your friends with diverse personalities.

For guys, pick a pair of cool-colored lenses with a classic frame design.

As guys don't really like fussing about their outfits that much, a solid black frame that's very versatile will be easily appreciated.

Girls, on the other hand, will enjoy candy-colored pieces more, as they like to play mix-and-match with their clothes and accessories often.

Prices range from about Php 5,490 to Php 5,990.

Products are available in major optical shops and department stores nationwide. You may also order online through





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