PRODUCT REVIEW: Sennheiser’s fashion for your ears

According to Katrin Huss, the company's director for customer relationship management: The new MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones "embody an urban style that’s focused on high performance and the finest materials—on style and substance. They are the perfect choice for those who demand top quality and want to express this through their own personal style."

Over time, headphones have become not just a music gadget, but also, a fashion accessory.

And brands have taken this in mind for their product innovations.

The 68-year-old German-based company Sennheiser, for instance, fuses sound and style into its latest release: the Momentum On-Ear headphones.

It’s a bit pricey—cost in retail stores is to the tune of 11, 290.00 pesos.

But if you’re the type who spends for quality and durability, then, this might be worth your money!

Here are six reasons why it’s the headphones brand to consider:

1. For the fashionistas, it’s available in four colors. The choices are either pink or blue or green or ivory.

There’s also a leather strap holding the sliders made of stainless steel.

2. For those who enjoy music-on-the-go, it is lightweight and portable.

Weight, according to its website, is 160 grams, including the remote.

Minor hiccup: Though it comes with a cool zip-up case, it’s still a bit bulky.


3. For those who are after comfort and love marathon listening, its ear cups are made of Alcantara, making them soft, velvety, and breathable. They don’t get warm, and put any pressure.

Minor hiccup: When it’s too noisy, external noise may get in the way of listening. But just amp the volume and you get that ultra-clean sound back.

4. For those who worry about the fit, the mobile ball joints secure the sliders in place, and adjust them so easily.

5. For the sound junkies, Momentum On-Ear has bass boosters.

Its claim: It “features high-end transducers that allow for clarity and detail with a slight bass emphasis, merging nothing less of the perfect acoustics with aesthetics."

6. Lastly, its detachable cable has inline mic and remote is also for Apple IOS users.


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