Valerie Garcia junks her monicker "Bangs"

IMAGE Courtesy of FHM Philippines

Valerie "Bangs" Garcia talks to FHM Philippines about her new craft: painting.

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FHM Philippines brings you Kapamilya bombshell Valerie ‘Bangs’ Garcia on the cover of this month’s issue.

This marks the third time that Valerie posed for FHM, and she has never looked this good. The last time she posed for the cover of the magazine was three years ago.

"Those three years made me ripe. Mas hinog na ako ngayon, mas confident," she tells FHM.

"Mentally, mas marami na akong natutunan. Mas marami na akong experiences. Also, wala na yung baby fats—yun ang napansin ko."

This is “Valerie version 3.0.” She is junking her screen name Bangs, preferring to use her full name, Valerie Garcia.

Valerie has actually four major updates about her life on- and off-cam. The name change is only one of them.

In this month’s issue of FHM, she touts her artistic side.

“Not everybody knows that I paint, but I started painting in 2011 lang.”

Valerie may have dabbled in painting only recently, but hey, she has already made a sale!


“Messy painter ako. Sometimes, naka-T-shirt lang ako. Ha ha!”

She hastens to add, “[Pero] siyempre meron akong suot na undies!”

Hooking up with a returning FHM cover girl is just the tip of the FHM October 2013 iceberg.

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