Reading the heart and mind of Chynna Ortaleza

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"To you these are words. To me they're my soul," says Chynna Ortaleza in one of her writings. In this photo shoot with her photographer friend Rita Marie Abiog, she shows off not only her knack for writing, but also for styling and makeup.

Beyond acting or performing in front of the camera, Chynna Ortaleza is interested in many other things.

One of those things is art.

“I have been busy with exploring different areas of my creativity. I dabble in music, painting, drawing & writing,” says the 30-year-old star in an exclusive Facebook chat with (Philippine Entertainment Portal).

Avid followers of the actress know how much she admires musicians like Lady Gaga and Brandon Boyd.

Her favorite songs by Lady Gaga are “Paparazzi” from The Fame album, “Bad Romance from Fame Monster, “Marry The Night” and “Black Jesus Amen Fashion” from Born This Way, and “Sex Dreams” and “Aura” from Artpop.

“Pretty much I like her songs that talk about things that are pretty much left unsaid & with a message of acceptance,” she writes.

And her favorite Brandon Boyd tracks: “Drive,” which the singer-songwriter did with his band Incubus; “Untethered” with his new band Sons Of The Sea; and “Courage & Control” as a solo artist.


“That's the song of my life right there. ‘Drive’ gets me through the hard & uncertain times.

“The songs that I also like from Brandon Boyd & Sons Of The Sea speak of perception beyond ordinary sight. Which leads me to a place of higher understanding.”

CHYNNA'S WORDS. Chynna’s passion for writing has taken a leap recently. She decided to show some of her works through photographs.

Collaborating with photographer Rita Marie Abiog, the 30-year-old Kapuso actress starred in the four-photo series called Aleatory.

The title basically means “dependent on chance, luck, or an uncertain outcome," which aptly describes how the photo shoot came about.

“This is actually a shoot that we just thought of out of the blue. A happy accident to be exact.

“Rita Marie Abiog is a friend from high school & since we talk a lot she decided to shoot me enveloped in my words & art!

“It's a glimpse of what happens in my head when INSPIRATION kicks in.”


At this point, Chynna says she isn't bent on writing a novel or a script, but more on a mix of poems, thoughts, songs and essays.

She relates, “Writing for me is another form of release.

"More importantly it allows me to talk some sense into myself. Like a soul search through my words.

“I listen to my inner voice and we converse through whatever form I end up with on paper. It's quite funny, beautiful & disturbing at the same time.

“My doodles & art on the other hand allows me to calm down and focus. I just need to express myself... Maybe inspire myself more than anything and if I get lucky inspire a person or two.”

Does she see herself falling back on art and writing after showbiz?

“A fallback? I really do not want to plan ahead.

“If tomorrow I wake up and decide to write a script or a novel... I'll do it. If it provides money for a few luxuries—great!


“The important thing for me though is the process itself & how many souls were touched by the outcome.


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