Richard Yap marks another milestone in his career

IMAGE Courtesy of Wangfu

"Food is a basic commodity. People will never get tired of food. Well, people will always look for food so, people will always come to you," Richard Yap stresses, explaining why he prefers to invest in the food business.

Like his character in the phenomenal television hit Be Careful With My Heart, Richard Yap is also a businessman in real life.

The singer-actor adds another feather to his restaurateur's cap as he brings the Singaporean-Chinese dining experience to Manila via his new venture, Wangfu Chinese Bistro. The restaurant officially opened last Sunday, October 13, along Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City.

Wangfu Chinese Bistro is actually Richard’s second investment in the restaurant business.

In an short interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and YES! Magazine, he revealed that he had already invested in another restaurant prior to Wangfu. However, the usually-shy celebrity refused to name the said restaurant.

Richard said he really prefers investing in the food business because, he said, “it is a basic commodity.”

He further explained, “People will never get tired of food. Well, people will always look for food so, people will always come to you.”


Richard's top picks at Wangfu Chinese Bistro:
(L-R) Salted egg fried chicken, sweet and sour pork with lychee, and taro prawns.

As we enjoyed the delectable dishes prepared that night, we noticed that Wangfu offers a fine dining experience because of its ambient lighting, comfy yet chic lounge velvet chairs, and crystalline reflections on the walls.

But Ricard was quick to say that the entrees they offer aren't as expensive as those typically found in fine-dining restaurants.

“Actually, hindi naman siya ganun ka-fine dining,” he reiterated.

“It’s very affordable, actually.

“We also have dimsum here.

“It’s not only that usual things that you order.

“We also have quick foods. Our coffee and tea here are good.”

Wangfu Chinese Bistro promises to be a dependable food hub for those who take comfort in the tradition of a good Chinese meal but also desire the warmth of Filipino joy and merriment.


Invited guests during the opening of Wangfu also enjoyed other dishes like
(L-R) abalone mushroom with brocolli, steamed lapu-lapu with tasso, and prawn in bacon roll.

BEHIND THE SCENE. While Richard is very much excited about his new business venture, he admits that he may not be as hands-on as his partners, Ace Wang and Lester Pimentel.

Richard's business partners Ace Wang (left) and Lester Pimentel (right).

“Hindi naman ako hands-on dito.

“It’s my partners who will be handling it.

“Nandito lang ako, background lang ako,” he smiled.

He also noted that his busy schedule, especially in Be Careful With My Heart, is one the reasons why he can't give his full attention to the business.

“I can’t be hand-on because I’m doing my things at the same time.

“So, I leave it to the people who are experts at that. I’m more on the marketing side lang,” said Richard, who admitted that his showbiz fame might help in attracting customers.

Given another chance, Richard says he will still be open to the idea of investing more in the food business. In fact, he’s actually in talks right now with his partners in setting up a drink business in Cebu.


“We’ll announce that when it materializes,” he says in closing.


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