PEP Gift Guide Day 75: Michelle Madrigal’s pick is a dependable power bank

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Michelle Madrigal highly recommends the power bank as the perfect Christmas gift for people on-the-go. She adds that it comes in handy for people who use smartphones, as the battery power tends to deplete quickly due to constant use of applications, like Instagram.

75 DAYS TO GO. Actress Michelle Madrigal didn’t have to think twice when asked about the perfect gift that she’d like to give her friends this Christmas.

An avid smartphone user herself, Michelle said that a power bank is practical, but highly valuable for people on-the-go.

A power bank is an external battery that is primarily used for instant mobile recharge anytime, anywhere.

“Alam mo, ngayon, dahil lahat may iPhone na, feeling ko ang number one na kailangan natin, power bank.”


She further observed how people spend so much time using their smartphones, especially now that Instagramming—the use of photo-sharing application Instagram—has become a trendy pastime.

Since internet connection can easily drain battery power, a backup battery becomes a must.

It also comes in handy during typhoon season, when brownouts become an expected occurrence, and other emergency purposes.

“Kasi lahat ng kaibigan ko, kahit ako, magagamit mo na talaga siya.

"Kasi napansin ko, palaging hinahanap ang charger. Alipin na tayo ng charger.

“Pero pag may power bank ka, matsa-charge mo Samsung mo, S3, lahat ng phone.

"So, feeling ko, portable charger ang number one na practical na regalo.”

The price of a good-quality power bank may range from P 999 to P 1,600.


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