PEP Gift Guide Day 71: Mikael Daez wishes to throw a Midnight Snack fiesta for Filipinos

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To model/actor/TV host Mikael Daez, good food is best shared with good company. Ergo, the Midnight Snack segment host, whose adventure with food has been nothing but delightful for the past five months, has this wish for Christmas: to throw a “Midnight Snack Fiesta” for the Filipinos.

71 DAYS TO GO. It might not be obvious but the buff Mikael Daez, Kapuso actor and host, has been through a gastronomic adventure, since he began hosting late night news program Saksi’s food segment, Midnight Snack, last June.

From Marikina’s exotic delicacy “waknatoy” to a Laguna’s famous dessert “unday-unday,” the segment has featured untold and told food recipes that can only be found in respective cities and provinces in the Philippines.

Mikael has not only introduced or reintroduced delectable dishes, but has likewise educated his audience with the history of food.

It is no surprise that when (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked Mikael what he wants for Christmas, the host and With A Smile actor eagerly mentioned throwing a “Midnight Snack Fiesta” for his countrymen.

“I want to give a big Midnight Snack Fiesta to the whole Philippines.

“I’m not kidding!

“I really want a big party just for food. Yun lang, yun lang gusto kong gawin.

“Lahat ng kinain ko, gusto ko i-share ko sa lahat!” he exclaimed.

Albeit impossible to feed a multitude on Christmas eve, Mikael said he will pursue it should help be available.

The Kapuso hunk feels like he owes it to his audience that they undergo the same food trip he has had for the most part of the year.

“Parang naisip ko, bakit ako lang yung kumakain? Gusto ko lahat kumakain!”

Mikael added that where he comes from—a family with 8 children—food is always shared.

“So, I want everyone to eat. I like eating when a lot of people are around!”


A HOLIDAY FEAST. Like Mikael, you too can share the gift of good food to everyone.

Instead of shopping for Christmas gifts, hold a party that serves only healthy and delicious food.

As an ambassador of the Eat Brown Rice campaign of Dakila and Oxfam, both non-profit organizations that aim to combat poverty in the country, Mikael suggests serving meals that use brown rice as a main ingredient.

Check out these yummy delights:

Brown rice California maki sushi


Brown rice risotto balls

Sweetened brown rice porridge with coconut milk

Brown rice ice cream.





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