PEP Gift Guide Day 60: Be inspired by Nichkhun's personal style

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Nichkhun describes his personal style as: “Simple, really appropriate to the occasion, and just very Bench.” Let his taste in fashion be your guide in finding the right Christmas present for your guy.

60 DAYS TO GO. K-Pop star Nichkhun is the latest addition to the growing club of Global Benchsetters for local clothing brand Bench.

The 25-year-old performer, who possesses a dapper yet cozy style, stood out from among the members of his boy group 2AM to become the fashion label's endorser.

On November 8, Nichkhun faced the media in an intimate press conference held at The Playground inside the Bench Tower in Bonifacio Global City.

He wore a sky blue shirt with polka dot print, midnight blue blazer, taupe trousers, and brown Oxford shoes—an ensemble that speaks true of his personal style, which he described as “Simple, really appropriate to the occasion, and just very Bench.”

Nichkhun, whose full name is Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul, is currently active in South Korea, but was born to Thai-Chinese parents in the United States.

Having lived in various cities, he has learned to embrace a style that evokes comfort.

“I’m not saying this because I’m the endorser, but Bench is really me, in a way, because it’s not flashy, you know.

“It’s something that normal people can wear, not just, like, people who have or want to be on camera.

“That’s why I’m so thankful and grateful to Bench for [picking me] because it’s really who I am and what I would wear in my normal life.”

A PERFECT GIFT. Nichkhun's taste in fashion is something that a lot of guys can relate to.

His favorites from the brand are ideal gifts to give your boyfriend or brother this Christmas:

A salmon-colored shirt and mustard yellow jeans can brighten up any cold, gloomy day.

Dark jacket, whether plain or patterned, is a must-have piece to combat the season’s cold weather.

Plaid long-sleeve tops can take you from a whole day at work to the next Christmas dinner or party that you need to attend.






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