The new Nikki Gil is maldita—piquantly sexy, fashionably bold, a go-getter with a heart

Nikki Gil comes out stronger and bolder than ever after enduring a painful breakup. She embraces her sexy side today, as she appears in the latest campaign for a local clothing label she endorses.

Perhaps it's true what they say about girls whose hearts had been broken but with their heads intact in the right place: They bloom anew, become more appealing, more magnetizing.

Take Nikki Gil. She emerged from a recent breakup sexier, more enticing that she was immediately picked as the new endorser of the clothing brand Maldita.

Add piquancy to the description, which made Nikki the right choice to play kontrabida to Jessy Mendiola's protagonist role in Maria Mercedes.

In an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal), Nikki expressed her pride in being associated with the brand.

"You know, the funny thing is even before they got me as their brand ambassador, I would already buy from Maldita. I’ve always been a fan of the store," she said.

While to some, the Filipino word "maldita" connotes something negative, like being haughty. To Nikki it means nothing more than plain naughtiness, an innocent mischief.


"I’ve always been really... I’ve never been really comfortable— before, ha—I mean, a lot of people would say, 'Ay, mukhang maldita iyan,' and in every negative sense of the word.

"And, you know, I used to find it very offesnsive.

"But, you know what, now, when you say maldita, it’s not... It’s naughty, it’s just mischievous, she’s... it doesn’t really say anything more than what it is.

"Parang, now, when I’m being told na mukhang maldita, I find na it’s, like, 'She’s mischievous, she’s naughty, but she gets what she wants in the end,' so I don’t find it as offensive."

For Nikki, to be maldita is to be a go-getter. Maybe naughty and mischievous at times, but never at the expense of anyone.

"If you want something, you find a way to get it.


"Because you are maldita, you defy the rules and, you know, 'I wanna get what I want!'

"But at the same time, you’re careful not to step on other people’s toes. That’s how I look at it. I think it’s quite different now."

In fashion, the word simply means to be mature, independent, and confident about her personal style.

Nikki finds herself to be a good match for the brand.

As she describes her style: "Well, I grew up. I matured.

"Siyempre, before, T-shirt and jeans... VJ-VJ, ganyan, mga T-shirt na gupit-gupit.

"Now, I’m all about keeping it classic and I’m all about keeping it sophisticated and sexy.

"So that when you look back at your photos, you won’t see... you won't cringe and say na, 'Oh! What was I thinking?' You know?

"And that’s what I like about Maldita. They have a very classic template and they have a lot of items that are also on the edgier side.


"But for the most part, it’s very classic."


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