Alden Richards balances being wholesome and sexy

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In spite of showing a lot of skin in his first Cosmopolitan Magazine centerfold last August, Alden Richards manages to maintain his “good boy” charms. The 2013 Cosmo Bachelor hunk points to merely “being himself”—a home buddy who plays ball with his father, rather than party with friends—as key to keeping his wholesome image.

Alden Richards shuns being called a hunk in spite of having toned muscles, which he shows on billboard ads for a clothing brand he endorses.

The GMA actor, known for his promising acting chops and remarkably adorable dimples, reasons that a "hunk" is someone who possesses a ripped body—something, he says, he still lacks.

Besides, he would rather stick to his boy-next-door image that his fans—which include many teenagers and young female adults— find more real and more “attainable.”

“Kasi somehow, ako, when I was young, ang tingin ko sa mga sexy girls, out of my league.

“When you say 'hunk,' ay hindi na bata," Alden relays.

Maintaining a wholesome appeal does not necessarily mean that he has closed off himself from the possibilities of going sexy or daring.

In fact, Alden has taken that step—to show a more mature side of him—when he posed for the centerfold of Cosmopolitan magazine’s CosmoMen 2013 issue.

The annual catalog of the hottest male celebrities is led by Alden and his fellow GMA talents, the equally bodacious Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo.

The magazine feature is naturally accompanied by the yearly Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash, an event where all 69 top bachelors who posed for the magazine walk the ramp, practically exposing their assets to an audience of ladies ogling at their greased bods.

Alden Richards


While Alden definitely put on a good show, and literally exposed what he is made of, the 21-year-old says he is still the same boy-next-door, albeit one who just “tried a different image.”

He describes it through a song, “No Limitation,” by young OPM singer Sam Concepcion.

“Parang it’s about time. I’m 21, I’m not getting any younger,” Alden points out.

When asked how sexy he is willing to go, the young actor answers he would go as far as agreeing to shooting intimate scenes.

To be specific: “Siguro hanggang underwear lang ako.”

A NATURAL "GOOD BOY." So far, the roles Alden has taken on—from the afternoon soap Alakdana, to his last one Mundo Mo’y Akin, where in both soaps he was paired with his recurrent leading lady, Louise Delos Reyes—were “good boy” characters that naturally fit him.

Is it possible to be a “natural” at portraying the boy-next-door?

Alden tells that it is not portrayal in the first place.

“This is me,” confidently quips the young actor.

Musing, he recalls a Spanish saying that his grandmother always tells him, which according to Alden translates to: “Kung ano yung natural mong [ugali], kung sino ka talaga, yun yung lalabas. It will manifest.”

He elaborates, “Siguro that’s what’s happening. Kaya siguro ganun yung tingin nung iba. That’s me.”

He might have shown his bolder side to the public, but beneath that is the Alden who will forever be a home buddy—one who would rather sleep than party, or play basketball with his father rather than hang out in clubs.


“That’s what I’m used to doing,” says Alden, which does not conclusively mean he will stop reinventing himself.





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