Chanda Romero marries boyfriend of seven years

IMAGE Courtesy of Chanda Romero-Alejandrino

Chanda Romero and Jose Mari "Mayi" Alejandrino shared their first kiss as a married couple on October 25, in an intimate ceremony held in Cebu.

This afternoon, November 21, through YES! Magazine’s executive editor Pete Lacaba, (Philippine Entertainment Portal) found out that Chanda Romero has already tied the knot!

The once-elusive bachelorette, who was recently seen in the hit teleserye My Husband’s Lover on GMA Network, finally married her boyfriend of seven years, Jose Mari "Mayi" Alejandrino.

They were joined under civil rights on October 25.

In a text message the multiawarded actress sent to Pete, Chanda said: "It was some sort of a surprise gift to my mom on her 80th birthday.

"We worked on our papers quietly and asked our friend, Cebu Mayor Mike Rama, to officiate it.

"So last Oct. 25, we asked our immediate family to be at Casino Espanol de Cebu an hour earlier.. (Mass and Mom’s birthday dinner was to be held at 6pm)…so we could squeeze in our civil rites.

"What a wondrous night that was!!!"

Chanda was glad to share with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) the first two photos (seen above) from that "wondrous night" that she has shared with the public from that "wondrous night."

This is the first time that the actress—who has worked with the very best directors in the country, including the iconic Lino Brocka—has ever married.

On May 17, Chanda and Mayi made their vows in a commitment ceremony at the Tierra de Maria Chapel in Tagaytay.

A commitment ceremony basically resembles a wedding—a public confirmation of a couple's dedication to one another, but without the legal confines of marriage.

More PEP Exclusive photos from the wedding will be released soon. Stay tuned.





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