Kelly Misa talks about starting a family, doing one's part in helping the Yolanda victims, and investing time on skin care

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After her marriage in 2012, Kelly Misa changed her priorities in this order: (1) raising a family (2) raising money.

Marriage has changed the priorities of Kelly Misa.

In 2011, just before she became Mrs. Carlos Fernandez, the model-host was bent on pursuing her “secret dream,” which was pag-aartista.

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But after tying the knot last year, “I should say that it pretty much... parang it changed my priorities. Iba na yung priorities."

This she told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in a one-on-one interview last night, November 20, at the unveiling of The Beauty Source, the cosmetics floor of Rustan's Makati.

Showbiz career now takes a backseat. Without a hint of regret, she added, “it’s not as important as it used to be.”

Her focus now, in fact, is “starting a family.”

"Right now, I’m looking forward to it, raising a family, and then, raising money,” said the 32-year-old celebrity."

Kelly said she’s been avoiding stress because she wants to get pregnant.

Her eyes lighting up, she shared, “We are excited. Sana ma-bless kami with a baby.

“Kaya parang time is so much more important for me now.

“I would rather spend it with my family, close friends, with my husband.”

BEAUTY. The topic shifted to the revamped cosmetics floor, Beauty Source, of Rustan’s Makati.

“It’s great! I’ve always loved coming here ever since I was a kid," she blurted.

Surveying the area, she said, “And seeing it now, the new face lift—every thing’s so much brighter, more spacious. Parang you can see every brand, every item, every little thing so clearly now, more clearly!


“It’s something exciting.”

When asked about her favorite section, she answered with a smile, “beauty,” and if there’s one product she can’t live without, “it will probably be moisturizer kasi... very dry skin.”

And her choice of all the cosmetics, “there’s nothing like good foundation…”

What are her usual beauty related purchases?

“Not so much on make-up, but, definitely on skin care, yes. I believe we should all invest in skin care, time to take care of it…”

Her regimen includes a cleanser, toner—“if I feel like I’m dirty or I put on a lot of make-up—essence, and moisturizer.

CALAMITY. Next, the Yolanda onslaught was brought up.

Kelly threw in, “I was involved in a garage sale with a bunch of my friends. We were able to raise P150,000.

“And this is surprising because it was in a house, my friend’s house, and everyone just kept giving stuff.

“It was really like a joint effort and I’m very happy that it went so well.”

Whenever she has the time, she also does “volunteer work,” and encourages others to do their share.

Her parting shot:

“We should all do our part. It’s very important that Yolanda victims feel that, you know, there’s support everywhere in the Philippines for them.

“And I think it shouldn’t stop here. It shouldn’t stop in these next few weeks. It should go on for years.

“For sure, rehabilitation of Tacloban and Leyte and other places, it takes a long time.”


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