Laureen Uy busy blogging and seeing Champ Lui Pio “a lot”

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Laureen Uy at the unveiling of Rustan's Makati's revamped Beauty Source wearing a cropped top from Pink Manila.

Laureen Uy is fast becoming a fashion inspiration.

Thanks to her blog —which is like her daily look book.

It has also brought her to various places here and abroad.

Smiling, she chatted with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) last night, November 20, at the unveiling of Rustan’s Makati’s The Beauty Source about her travels.

“Well, I’ve been traveling a lot for my blog.

“I went to Kuala Lumpur last week and China the week before that. It’s nice.

“It’s my passion din. It doesn’t feel like work. It feels like I love what I’m doing now.”

It helps also that her two older siblings—Vince Uy, creative director of Preview, and Liz Uy, fashion stylist and editor-at-large—look after her as she looks up to them.

“It’s really good we’re in the same industry. We’re all doing different jobs. It’s a good mix. We help each other.”

BLOGGING TIPS. And to those who want to become a legitimate fashion blogger, it takes more than just dressing up for an event.

Laureen resumed, “Ako naman kasi, blogs are very personal. Anyone can blog.

“I guess what will make you unique talaga is, you know, like, always think outside the box, and you keep on experimenting.”

Laureen said she encourages her readers not to copy, but “break my style," to come up with their own ideas and blaze their own trail.

Her blog, of course, is a good start: “…When viewers visit my blog, they learn something from it.”


LOVELIFE. Of course, we had to ask her about Champ Lui Pio.

Her quick reply: “I’ve been seeing him a lot…”

Not surprisingly, her answer matched his.

In a PEP article published on November 14, Champ said, “I see her a lot. I’ve been seeing her...”

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Laureen added, “He’s really nice.”

When prodded to tell us the real score, she replied, “Wala, I guess we’re still getting to know each other.

“I can really say he’s a nice guy.”

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