Enrique Gil talks about idols Chris Brown and Kobe Bryant

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As he strives to become like his idol Chris Brown, is Enrique Gil ready to do a song and dance perfomance on stage? "Hindi muna. Siguro mas ano pa lang ako sa sayaw right now. Pero, who knows, di ba? I-try din natin [ang singing] pero hindi muna siguro ngayon."

Enrique Gil proved to be a bankable artist after his successful first dance concert, dubbed King of the Gil, at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on November 29.

In a quick chat after his exclusive PEPtalk interview last October, he said he wanted his fans to "have fun" watching the show.

"Basta ang gusto ko lang mag-enjoy sila. Good vibes lang, fun lang, masaya lang.

"Gusto ko matuwa sila sa mga ipapakita ko sa kanila," Enrique said.

Channeling his idol Chris Brown, the 21-year-old actor-dancer did delight fans with his energetic dance moves and undeniable stage presence.

On why he admires the American hip hop star, he said: "Hands down, he's the best performer para sa akin.

"All around siya, e. I mean, compared to Usher, si Usher kasi iba iyong... finesse siya, e, relaxed lang.

"Si Chris Brown talaga iyong lahat—he can do splits, he can do finesse, he can do hard, hip hop, lahat kaya niyang gawin.

"And he can sing and dance at the same time really well, so para sa akin, siya iyong... He's the best performer right now."

As he strives to become as good as his idol on stage, Enrique says he's not yet ready to dip his hands into singing.

"Hindi muna. Siguro mas ano pa lang ako sa sayaw right now.

"Pero, who knows, di ba? I-try din natin [ang singing] pero hindi muna siguro ngayon."

DANCING SHOES. For the young Cebuano, dancing is more of a lifestyle, and not just a part of his job as an entertainer.

Every morning, he likes to get "pumped up" with the help of upbeat music that he can groove to.

"Ang dami kong kanta na favorite, but siguro what I would pick now is iyong 'Pull Up.' Ano siya, house [music] siya by an artist called Mystique.


"It's... pang pump up lang, iyong sa umaga iyon ang gusto i-play para paggising pumped ka.

"Minsan nga pagkagising ko, sa computer pine-play ko iyong music, so habang nagre-ready, naliligo, nagpe-play iyong music."

Even his choices in fashion and accessories are influenced by his passion for movement.

Not to boast, but Enrique owns about 30 pairs of shoes, which he uses mostly for dancing.

"I like the brand Supra, although mahal iyon kasi nasa 7,000 pesos iyon, e.

"It's actually, ano siya, skateboard brand, pero people use it kasi nga it protects your feet when you skateboard, and it's nice to look at, and kapag sumayaw ka hindi siya masakit sa paa.

"Usually, [I wear] skating shoes kasi... E, iyong mga basketball shoes nga hindi na [ginagamit sa basketball], minsan ginagamit na lang pang porma, e.

"So, iyong skate shoes ginagamit na rin pang porma. Pwedeng pang porma, pwedeng pang sayaw.

"Kasi the point of the skate shoes kasi is to protect your feet kapag nahuhulog ka sa skateboard.

"E, the same din naman pag sayaw, dapat protektado iyong feet mo, like when you stomp or you jump, di ba? So para protected din and in a nice way kasi it's colorful, gano'n."

BASKETBALL AND KOBE BRYANT. Now that his first dance concert is over and done, Enrique is set to put his energy back into acting.

He is going to star alongside teen actress Julia Barretto in the upcoming soap opera Mira Bella.

While preparing for his latest TV role, he is also finding time to reacquaint himself with his favorite sport: basketball.

When asked about his hobbies, Enrique said, without batting an eyelash: "Basketball. I love basketball. Pag may time talagang that's what I do talaga."

His busy schedule has never allowed him to find time to work out in a gym, so Enrique gets his dose of regular exercise from playing the sport with his buddies at least once a week.


His favorite basketball players?

"Oh, my gosh, Kobe Bryant. Number one Kobe Bryant.

"Siyempre Michael Jordan din, Derrick Rose... sobrang daming magagaling!

"Lebron James okay din, pero number one idol ko sa lahat Kobe Bryant."

Bringing up the popular debate on who's the better player between Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant and Miami Heat's "king" Lebron James, Enrique enthusiastically defended his idol in a diplomatic manner.

"Hindi kasi sa next Michael Jordan, e. Iba kasi iyong ginawa ni Michael Jordan, iba rin iyong ginagawa ni Kobe, iba rin iyong ginagawa ni Lebron.

"Pero masasabi ko na... pag nakita mo kasi iyong stats, hindi magagawa ni Lebron iyong nagawa ni Kobe.

"I mean, 81 points in one game? He's in the top three leading scorers sa NBA. Konting points na lang ang lamang ni Michael Jordan sa [scores] ni Kobe ngayon.

"Sa points—all in all, ha—si Lebron sobrang mababa pa siya sa points compared to Kobe Bryant, who's top three na.

"Top three na siya. Iyong top two is Michael Jordan and Karl Malone. Na-beat na ni Kobe iyong kay Magic Johnson, na-beat na niya iyong stats niya.

"So, to be in the line with that... Imagine Kobe Bryant, naglalaro pa siya before with Michael Jordan in his time. Hanggang ngayon naglalaro pa si Kobe.

"E, di ba matagal nang retired si Michael Jordan? 'Tapos nakasabay na ni Kobe until now sila Lebron, so that's...

"In that span of time, to make that much points, and to do what he's done, mahirap, and I dont think anybody can do it.

"Hindi na puwedeng maulit iyon, like 12 three-pointers sa isang game, Most three points in a game.

"Si Kobe, lahat ginawa iyon. Basta sa akin siya ang the best.

"But Lebron is in the right path for his own career. Iba lang iyong sa kanila ni Kobe."


While he has no plans of playing the sport professionally, Enrique is proud to be part of the Star Magic Basketball Team, which plays in charity events and friendly match-ups occasionally.





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