PEP Gift Guide Day 38: Iza Calzado shares recipe to make perfect dessert giveaways

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Iza Calzado is a health nut, but she believes in eating the right kind of food rather than crash dieting. She lets herself indulge in healthy homemade ice crea, which you can giveto your friends, too, as a holiday giveaway.

38 DAYS TO GO. It seems Iza Calzado is getting herself more acquainted with the kitchen, and is learning to make the stuff that her boyfriend Ben Wintle loves.

In a recent post on her Instagram account @missizacalzado, the multi-awarded actress shared a recipe for a healthy, dairy-free ice cream, which she learned from her British beau's mom.

(Borrowed from Instagram @missizacalzado)

Along with the photo, Iza wrote this caption: "Ice Cream making our own ice cream with frozen bananas, coconut milk, honeycomb and saw amazing raw cacao nibs from @thehealthygrocery stick it in the freezer and let it settle for a few days and BOOM you have dairy free "ice cream" thanks Tita @fridaywintle for the recipe"

Homemade ice cream, like other home-cooked goodies, make great holiday gifts because they remind us of tradition, our childhood, and our families.

Iza's healthy alternative to the well-loved comfort food is something that you can do at home, pack into nifty canisters, and give away to friends and neighbors.

But if you're too pressed for time, you can opt to order pints of homemade goodness from Carmen's Best.

Unlike Iza's recipe, this ice cream uses dairy products.

But compared to other commercial ice cream and gelato brands, it only uses fresh milk and cream products from its own dairy farm.

The flavors are one of a kind as well. Among their bestsellers are salted caramel, malted milk, butter pecan, and Brazilian coffee.

Check out the wide range of Carmen's Best ice cream and gelato at

To order raw cacao nibs and other organic ingredients for your homemade ice cream, check out





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