Geoff Eigenmann reveals toned body in Men's Health January 2014 issue

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Geoff Eigenmann tells an anecdote about his first day of working out in a gym. At that time, he was fully bearded and bore a heavier frame. One of the trainers told him, “Kamukha niyo po si Geoff Eigenmann!” Indeed, Geoff became almost unrecognizable when he gained weight early in 2013.

After a roadblock in 2013, Geoff Eigenmann is back on track with a new show on GMA Network, Adarna,plus the cover of Men’s Health Philippines January 2014 issue.

Geoff has found a mentor in Erwin Tagle—owner of the Ultimate Fitness Gym in Metrowalk, Pasig—who helped him get back in shape.

Back in May, the actor was sanctioned by GMA for being "too fat."

He began working out at Ultimate Fitness because it boasts of high-intensity workouts, such as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), jiu jitsu, Muay Thai, boxing, and other contact sports that piqued his interest.

In an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal), Geoff told an anecdote about his first day of working out in the gym.

Fully bearded and with a heavier frame at that time, he said that one of the trainers told him, “Kamukha niyo po si Geoff Eigenmann!”

Indeed, the actor seemed almost unrecognizable during his "fat days."


SHAPING UP. “Actually, I never made a commitment about losing weight. Ang sakin lang, I started going to the gym," Geoff tells about his journey to fitness.

“At first it was hell, and then I decided to start enjoying what I was doing here, enjoying the workout.

"And then, losing weight was just a bonus on the side.”

Before he started training in the said gym, Geoff's workout routine had already included boxing.

“I’ve always been boxing ever since high school, so, ayun, just boxing.

“And then, eventually, when I got to this gym, I started with my conditioning.

“And then, nung nasanay na ko, I started joining the fighters when they’d have the wrestling classes, jiu jiutsu, Muay Thai, sumasabay na ko sa kanila.”

Which work out does he enjoy the most?

“Lahat, lahat! They all have different benefits kasi.

"Now, the newest thing for me is wrestling and jiu jitsu. I really enjoy doing both.”


Geoff attests to the intensity of his workouts.

He says, “Iba, sobrang lakas. Especially for the cardio, 'cause full body workout siya, e.

"Like jiu jiutsu, you’re on the ground all the time, walang masyadong ginagawa, gumugulong lang kayo sa sahig pero it’s a full body workout.

“And your mind keeps going on what you want to do, kung ano yung gagawin mong move.”

The 28-year-old says the workouts are also useful as training for future roles.

He says, “Actually, yung show ko ngayon, yung Adarna, the first option was me as a basketball player yung character.

“And then, since I was doing this, they decided to switch it to become an MMA fighter.

“So, ganun siya. So, it’s usable, especially, pag kunwari action show, action movies.

“We’ll see, we’ll see what will happen. But, of course, ano, malaking tulong 'to, cardio-wise pa lang, health-wise.


“I can do more stuff na 'cause I know I’m healthier. I know I’m capable of doing things physically and mentally.”

At the time of the interview in November 2013, Geoff said that he wanted to lose more weight.

“Yeah, I still haven’t reached my target weight, e. My target is 155 [pounds].

“Nasa bucket list ko is I want to figh [in MMA], kahit amateur lang.

"So, if I ever was gonna fight, I have to be 155 or lighter.”

FAT MEMO. On receiving the fat memo from his network, which urged him to lose weight, Geoff says: “It was actually expected. I knew that I was gaining weight already.

“Siyempre I’m the very first one who notices that. So, ano lang, I just kept pushing and pushing.

“I decided not to do anything about it until eventually I got that memo. So, expected naman.

“That’s why when I got it, ‘Oh, it’s finally here!’ So, ganun siya, ganun yung dating niya sa 'kin.”


How did he feel about getting the notice?

“It’s not that I didn’t mind, but I wasn’t devastated by it.

“It’s like, ‘Hey, it’s here. Okay. Now I have to do something.’

"Yun lang. I decided to do something about it.”

Looking back, was there any reason why he let himself go in the fitness department?

“Uhm... Time, I guess.

"Kasi, I gained weight in what? I’d say it’s about two years. From 180, I gained up to like 30 pounds in two years.

“Sunud-sunod yung mga show ko with GMA. I didn’t really have time off.

"Kunyari I’d have time off, a week would be the most, so no time talaga. I couldn’t be consistent about going to the gym.

“Kasi ako, I hate diets. I don’t think it really works for me. Ang gusto ko workout talaga, e.

“So, I needed time. That’s basically the number one thing. Plus, lagi akong puyat sa taping.”


Geoff took his suspension as an opportunity to get his toned body back.

Now that he has lost weight, is he observing any particular diet?

Geoff says: “I just avoid fast food. Anything with a commercial—sodas, juices...

"Also, less sugars, lots of water, and I eat more times a day na, like, sandwich every two hours... and fruit.

“Eat more times a day, keep the metabolism going.”

GIRLFRIEND CARLA ABELLANA. Luckily for Geoff, his relationship with fellow Kapuso star Carla Abellana remained unperturbed despite the fat memo.

"I gained weight, and then I got suspended kasi I had a full grown beard.

“She said she didn’t hate it, but, wala namang nagbago talaga. We wouldn’t fight about it or anything.

“But she’d be vocal about it. It wasn’t really that much of a problem.”

Geoff says, Carla was one of the driving forces that led him back to the road of fitness.


“Yeah, yeah, definitely. Yung pag-push niya sa 'kin, hindi nawawala yun, e, ever since.

"So, okay lang. Eventually, when I heard enough, ayun.”

Geoff adds that Carla is now proud of his achievements in terms of his fitness goals.

Equally, he is also proud of what his girlfriend has attained in terms of her career.

“Yeah, I'm very happy for her, couldn’t be happier," Geoff says of Carla's part in the success of one of 2013's most viewed shows My Husband's Lover.

"Sobrang proud kasi she’s come such a long way in such a short span of time.

“I’m very happy for her. Ayun, nag-decide siya magpapayat so kailangan ko din siya sabayan.”


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