Cheska Garcia on Team Kramer: “…we just hope and pray that with every success that comes our way, we'll stay grounded and still solid.”

IMAGE courtesy of Sangobion

After four years of being Mrs. Doug Kramer and having three kids, Cheska Garcia describes marriage as “great!”

Everything Cheska Garcia does now, Team Kramer has to be taken into consideration.

Her health, for instance. She takes care of it not only for the reason that she wants to remain slim or look good, but primarily to have the strength and energy in fulfilling her duties as a wife to Doug and mother to their three kids—Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin.

At the thanksgiving party of Sangobion held on December 18, she told (Philippine Entertainment Portal), “You don’t just think about yourself, you consider your family.

“It’s also good to have like a supportive partner.”

FAMILY FIRST. This year, she had to say no to television offers.

The mestiza actress related, “I was offered twice… kaya lang, I still can't e kasi, may baby boy ako, di ba?

“At saka nung time na in-offer sa akin yung show, my son was only two months old.

“I really couldn't do it.”

Instead she focused on building a happy home with her cager-husband.

An important thing she learned, “Above everything is you should have a Christ-centered relationship.

“That's it—no number one, number two, number three—basta God-centered relationship, and then you're okay.”

With regard to parenting, she doesn’t see it as complicated at all.

“Always support them in whatever they do and spend a lot time with them,” she urges.

She and Doug also believe in teaching by example. What parents do, children would tend to emulate, so Cheska advised, “Make sure that God is real in your marriage, in your relationship, so they become real to your children.”

Don’t they have plans of coming up with a book on raising children?

She replied, “Nobody has asked us if we wanted to do something with that, but I think that's one thing that we could share as a couple.


“Although we're a very young couple, I think my husband and I have a lot to share.

“If there's someone who would write it for us, you know, but get the ideas in the parenting tips and marriage tips, we would gladly share what it is.”

For now, she’s got her hands full with endorsements and guestings in corporate events.

She beamed about closing five endorsements this year, and come 2014, “there will be more to come with the kids.”

Does this mean she’s okay with the idea of her kids entering showbiz?

She replied, ”Wala pa namang offer kasi mga baby pa sila, e.”

Kendra is now 4; Scarlett is 2, while Gavin is turning 1 on January 15.

She added, “Next year, we'll see from there.”

How about her? Is she going to be more visible?

"Siyempre, it's a blessing di ba na to have work offers but also, if I feel like maku-compromise yung family time ko, then that's something to think about.

"Next year, we'll see. Gavin will be turning one."

Lastly, we asked how she would describe marriage after four years of being Mrs. Kramer and having three kids.

Her answer: “Marriage is great!

“It gets better through the years because you see your own flesh and blood at the same time all of my dreams and my husband's dreams together parang we see it flourishing, we see it happening.

“So we just hope and pray that with every success that comes our way, we'll stay grounded and still solid.”

Don’t ask her what’s the hardest part about motherhood because her answer would be, “maintaining her weight.”

With a laugh, she remarked, “Oh my gosh! But you just have to eat right, at the same time, you have to exercise, and drink a lot of water.”






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