PEP Gift Guide Day 21: A gift for condo dwellers like Yeng Constantino

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Make condo dwellers, like Yeng Constantino, happy with a gift that reminds them of home.

21 DAYS TO GO. Condo living could be a big challenge for someone who grew up in an actual house or a neighborhood surrounded by open spaces.

Take it from Yeng Constantino, who currently resides in her Mandaluyong condominium, which she got as part of her prize package for winning the first season of Pinoy Dream Academy in 2006.

Yeng, of course, grew up in Rodriguez, Rizal—a developed suburban municipality that still enjoys the beauty of nature.

Living in a condominium today can actually be stressful, believe it or not, and what better way to de-stress than by surrounding yourself with beautiful things, nature, and some greenery.

For your friends who live in condominiums and don’t have the luxury of making their own garden, a great Christmas present to give would be miniature terrariums.

A local business called Space Garden sells a variety of these indoor plants housed in tiny aquariums.

Their minimalist arrangements instantly lend a peaceful, zen-like feel to any home.

They are also very small, so they don’t take up too much space. Makes for a perfect decor for cramped studio or one-bedroom units.

Plus, the plants are all low-maintenance, so you don’t really have to stress out about finding time to care for them.

To order from Space Garden, e-mail or visit their Instagram account @spacegardenplants for more information.





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