PEP Gift Guide Day 13: Help build with Nene Tamayo and the UAP Emergency Architects

IMAGE Borrowed from Instagram @pbb1nene

Pinoy Big Brother Season 1 big winner Nene Tamayo proudly wears her Build Shirt, which is a great gift to help support relief and rehabilitation efforts in Yolanda-stricken towns.

13 DAYS TO GO. The holiday season is the perfect time to share your blessings, so give gifts that are not only useful to tohers, but also support worthy causes.

One example is the Build Shirt created by the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) Tandang Sora Chapter (TSC).

In response to the heartbreaking tragedy and widespread destruction of buildings and infrastructures caused by super typhoon Yolanda in the Visayas region, the UAP organized the Emergency Response Architects for rehabilitation.

UAP-TSC joined this bandwagon of good will by launching the Build Shirt campaign, which aims to help fund the operations of the teams heading out to the area.

The design of the shirt is derived from the map of the Philippines, with the entire Visayas area emphasized by the word "BUILD".

Each comfortable T-shirt is worth P250, and is available in colors black or white, and in sizes small to XXL.

All proceeds from the sale of the Build Shirts will be used to help fund the Emergency Response Architects group that will be dispatched to the affected locations, and will be working with the other organizations that have the same goal to help rebuild the community.

The Build Shirt, as a holiday gift, is wonderful to give or receive.

Give this to others knowing that you have helped rebuild a community.

Receive this from someone and you will appreciate, not just the practicality of the shirt itself, but the compassionate thought in choosing to support the project.

One celebrity who has done just this is Pinoy Big Brother Season 1 big winner Nene Tamayo, who proudly showed off her Build Shirt on her Instagram account.

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